Asia Research Seminar Recap: Can you Tell me Outside the Box?

By Jeni Serrano, Knowledge Manager

SSI’s Mani Padmanabhan recently conducted a very well-attended presentation for Asia Research in Kuala Lumpur. The session was called: “Can you tell me outside the box?” Padmanabhan covered a lot of ground, exploring the technological solution to open questions and some of the key concerns in implementing this new technology. He pointed out that people… Continue reading

Around the Web: 90 B2B Personas Described through Data

By the Editors

On April 7, Mathew Sweezey of Salesforce’s Marketing Insights division posted a slideshow presentation on LinkedIn: “The B2B Persona Project: The Secrets of Demographics.” The slideshow provides an overview of findings from what Sweezey describes as “the first ever study to define the size, growth, and churn of 90 specific B2B personas. A combination of… Continue reading

Back to Basics Monday: What Exactly are IHUTs?

By Nicole Mitchell, Knowledge Specialist

In-Home usage tests, commonly known as “iHUTs,” enable companies the opportunity to get their product in the consumer’s hands to test before the product is put on the shelf.  This type of product testing allows companies to evaluate the effectiveness, functionality and performance of their product in a setting where consumers will most likely use… Continue reading

SSI’s 40th Anniversary Throwback Thursday: “I Don’t Buy It” Ad Series Part IV

By the Editors

It’s “Throwback Thursday” once again! In honor of SSI’s 40th Anniversary, the series continues with a look at custom media measurement tools. Today we are travelling back to 1988 to re-examine another Ad from SSI’s “I DON’T BUY IT” campaign. The Ads featured a series of individuals who were improperly targeted as a part of… Continue reading

Around the Web: Questionnaire Design Pitfalls to Avoid

By the Editors

What are some common survey/questionnaire design pitfalls to avoid? Mark Sinclair of Spark Chart shares a useful list on LinkedIn, in which he identifies nineteen common mistakes that can affect respondent experience and negatively impact survey results. “Don’t add questions that you don’t need to ask. Don’t throw in a bit extra to the survey,… Continue reading

What Oceans Can Teach Us About Protecting Research Respondents

By Jackie Lorch, Vice President, Global Knowledge Management

Several researchers have compared our treatment of respondents to the “tragedy of the commons.” Taking this analogy a step further, a new article in The Economist magazine offers some close parallels between humans’ treatment of our oceans, and researchers’ treatment of our respondents. “EARTH is poorly named,” states the article, “the ocean covers almost three-quarters… Continue reading

In Questionnaire Design, Small Details are a Big Deal

By Jackie Lorch, Vice President, Global Knowledge Management

One of my favorite childhood books was What Katy Did — a sentimental Victorian-era yarn set in Ohio.  In one dramatic episode, the heroine falls off a swing she’s been told not to use, leading to horrific injuries. Her father, in a scene typical of the book, reminds her that it’s all her fault and… Continue reading