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What is B2B Market Research?

What is B2B Market Research and How Can I Benefit? When you offer a product or service primarily to other businesses, there’s simply no understating the importance of B2B market…

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Known Knowns and the “Don’t Know” Option Conundrum

As a researcher, how do you handle the “don’t know” option in your questions? Donald Rumsfeld’s much-quoted words, spoken during a briefing on Iraq in 2002 conveys some of the…

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Breaking the Golden Rule: When Trackers Have to Change

Consistency is the Golden Rule with trackers, but sometimes a change is necessary, especially for a long-running tracker. For example, when more and more people are choosing to take surveys…

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Questionnaire Design Principles for Tracking Studies

Questionnaire design is a key driver of data quality for tracking studies. Trackers are especially at risk for poor data quality because many are so long that participants get tired…

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Understanding Tracker Sample and Feasibility

Planning feasibility for tracker studies is more complex than it is for ad hoc studies because you need to anticipate the target population of the future and how finding and…

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SSI Quickpoll–Checking in on 2016 Resolutions

Will Tweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeets soon replace Tweets?

Twitter is reportedly expanding the length allowed for tweets from 140 characters to perhaps 10,000. Apparently the move is partially a response to observed user behavior: people are copying and…

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