Germans Like to Go on Holiday by Car… or Do They?

By Anders Aarstad, Vice President, ASE

Many people feel that there’s really no better way to see Europe than by car. With more and more low-cost airlines making it more affordable to fly, we were curious to find out if heading out on vacation by car is still the most popular way to travel. Focusing on Germans, we ran a survey… Continue reading

For Want of a Comma or Two

By Pete Cape, Global Knowledge Director

Here’s an interesting question from we received from a client: “How many moms of girls under 18 are there in the US?” A few commas in the sentence might have helped us work out exactly what was being asked. Who was under 18; the Mom or the girl? I read it one way, my colleague read… Continue reading

B2B Non-Complainers: the Real Cost of Not Knowing your Customer

By the Editors

B2B (business-to-business) customers complain about products and services less often than consumers do, according to consultants John Goodman and David Beinhacker. But in the B2B space, quiet doesn’t necessarily mean “satisfied.” In their November 20 article for Quirk’s, Goodman and Beinhacker explain the top causes for “unarticulated dissatisfaction.” They explain how to measure the business… Continue reading

3 Things I Wish I Knew When I First Planned Research in China

By Jennifer Serrano, Knowledge Manager APAC, SSI

China is currently the world’s second largest economy after the USA and is increasingly playing a very important and influential role in the global economy. It is not surprising then to also see that its research market has grown, according to ESOMAR’s 2015 industry report, to become the 5th largest globally with a turnover of US… Continue reading

MRX 2018 Planning Guide: 5 Ways to Keep Questionnaire Design Top-of-Mind Next Year

By the Editors

It is that time again when marketers begin taking stock of the business year and look ahead to plan for 2018. What campaigns were effective? What initiatives could have used some work? We will be rolling out a series of posts to help you plan for next year and think critically about the verticals, projects… Continue reading

Will Mobile MR Surveys Disappear? Are We Using Them Correctly While They’re Here?

By the Editors

According to the 2017 GRIT study, 74% of respondents used mobile surveys in their market research. That’s good news–but are they using these mobile surveys effectively? And will surveys and questionnaires continue to be useful in the future, in the face of new and developing research technologies like facial recognition, virtual reality, AI, and big… Continue reading