MRX 2018 Planning Guide: 6 Ways to Engage with Digital Citizens Before the End of the Year

By Nicole Mitchell, Knowledge Specialist

It is that time again when marketers begin taking stock of the business year and look ahead to plan for 2018. What campaigns were effective? What initiatives could have used some work? We will be rolling out a series of posts to help you plan for next year and think critically about the verticals, projects… Continue reading

Are People Seeing My Digital Ad? Three Ways to Effectively Measure your Marketing Efforts

By the Editors

Three little letters drive most marketers through daily routines and campaign creation: ROI. This simple acronym has the ability to haunt everyone from the novice coordinator to a seasoned VP. How do we prove our value? Is all of this hard work worthy of the final product? Measuring return-on-investment and campaign effectiveness is sometimes rushed… Continue reading

DIY in the Age of Insights: Five Ways to Own Your Marketing Initiatives

By the Editors

DIY as a “quick and dirty alternative” to research project completion is rapidly becoming a notion of the past. New enhancements to technology and increased awareness around research methodology are taking the trepidation out of the decision to consider a DIY tool or approach to project work. How can you demonstrate to your team that… Continue reading

MRX Profile: Q&A with SSI’s Bob Fawson

By the Editors

Bob Fawson is Chief Product Officer at SSI. Prior to SSI, he served as Chief Access, Supply and Engagement Officer at Opinionology, which later joined with Survey Sampling International to form SSI. While at Opinionology, Fawson expanded the company’s portfolio of online sampling methods and improved methods for managing online panel inventories.  Q (The Editors):… Continue reading

The Importance of Mobile Recruitment for Online Sampling

By Keith Phillips, Senior Methodologist

There has been much discussion on the need to make surveys mobile-friendly in the market research industry.  Multiple sources report more online usage via mobile than through a laptop/desktop.  A 2016 report from “Think with Google” shows that people use their smartphones more often throughout the day than a computer. Additionally, they found that 27%… Continue reading

Around the Web: The Key to B2B is Customer Collaboration

By the Editors

What’s the key to success in working in the B2B marketing space? Customer collaboration, according to consultant and Forbes contributor Larry Myler. In a July 2017 opinion piece for, Myler talks about ways to gather and act upon buyer feedback—and how this evolving collaboration between businesses and their customers is an important part of… Continue reading

There is Plenty of Life Left in Telephone Research Methodology!

By Jackie Lorch, Vice President, Global Knowledge Management

A recent report from the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) on the future of telephone interviewing in the US considers what is likely to happen to telephone sampling in the next decade and beyond. It concludes that telephone will decrease in usage as a proportion of all research, but that it will continue… Continue reading