How 5 Major Trends Changed the Mobile Landscape in 2012

By the Editors

As 2012 draws to a close, it’s easy to dive immediately into planning 2013. But some amazing innovations have happened in the mobile space this year. Mobile technologies and trends continue to morph and evolve at dizzying speeds. Entrepreneurs and businesses have more options than ever to reach their smartphone addicted customers and prospects. It can be hard to keep up with what you need to know. Here are 2012’s top five hottest trends in mobile. Watch out for our predictions for 2013, later this year!1. Mobile Marketing Research. If you’re not making use of the mobile platform in your marketing research efforts, you’re behind the curve. The level of convenience in responding to customer feedback requests via mobile is so high that response rates can rocket by as much as 15% over traditional surveys.

This also offers the opportunity for gathering real-time feedback, and eliminating the delays often associated with more traditional solicitations for feedback. This revolution in the timing aspect of market research opens up the potential for dealing with problems before they have a chance to go viral and wreak havoc with your marketing campaigns. Because of the ever more robust capabilities of smartphones, it’s easy to add in photo, video and voice uploads to ratchet up the richness of the data you collect.

  1. Mobile Coupons. Although there are still many kinks to work out in the coupon cycle to integrate creation, distribution and redemption, mobile coupons have soared in popularity and will only get bigger in 2013 and beyond. The key is to come up with an approach that doesn’t require any new equipment or training at the point-of-sale for retailers. You also need to make sure that your mobile coupon solution doubles as your customers’ loyalty card to track, manage and redeem their rewards. Market research also plays a critical role in understanding the purchasing, couponing, and loyalty participation of your customer base.
  2. Mobile Web. Mobile devices are already beginning to eclipse desktop computers and laptops as the primary way people access the Internet. More than 90% of mobile phones are web-ready for browsing, and Google expects 44% of last-minute holiday gift searching to come from mobile devices. Is all of your web content available and optimized for mobile browsing and searching? Have you conducted the research to understand which device and platforms are most critical to optimize for among your customer base?
  3. Mobile Payments. Will consumers whip out their mobile phones to pay instead of reaching into their wallets for credit and debit cards? The short answer is yes. Mobile payments increased by 516% on Black Friday and 552% on Cyber Monday. Innovation in mobile payments will continue to skyrocket in the year ahead. As we’ve discussed in previous articles, it’s important that retailers and providers in the financial vertical research, understand, and address consumer privacy concerns.
  4. The Mobile/Social/Local Nexus. Geofencing and hyper-local outreach are becoming standard operating experience. The key is to also make the best use of HTML5 and its rich-media capabilities to provide a seamless experience with augmented reality promotions. You also need to know that around half of all traffic on Facebook and Twitter is coming through mobile devices, so tying in to your social media outlets is now a requirement.