Around the Web: 4 Successful Strategies for Mobile Marketing in Retail Stores

By the Editors

As more shoppers carry and consult their smartphones while making purchasing decisions in brick-and-mortar stores, it’s more important than ever to ensure a smooth and seamless mobile experience for customers. A recent article from Independent Retailer highlights four practical ways to develop a winning mobile marketing campaign for retail shops. Consider integrating all or some of these tips as the 2015 holiday season approaches.

“Mobile devices have given customers new ways to interact with merchants. They facilitate more transactions and interactions, which means that mobile marketing has become more important than ever.”— Taylor Moore, Independent Retailer

First, mobile marketing shouldn’t be your only approach in marketing, but integrated into your overall approach to gaining consumer attention. Independent Retailer writer Taylor Moore suggests bringing together your entire marketing team—marketing, merchandising, planning and allocation and store operations—to plan out a successful mobile marketing campaign.

Taking advantage of current technologies that merge in-store and mobile capabilities will help boost your marketing plan. Utilizing iBeacons and QR codes are some ways to reach out to your customers while they are shopping in-store. For iBeacon tech to work, you’ll need to develop a mobile app either through working with an app developer or creating a free one through

To create a seamless shopping experience, be sure that your retail store’s website is optimized for mobile to provide users with an easy way to access your site while on the go. Consumers are quick to dismiss a site that isn’t simple to navigate on their mobile devices. Lastly, examine the results from your mobile marketing with tracking and analytics software, such as GoSquared or RoverLabs. With that data-driven information, you can best see what is working and what leads consumers to disengage quickly.

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