Around the Web: 5 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs in 2016

By the Editors

No matter the current economic landscape, every entrepreneur has the ability to create and build a business to make profits. A recent Mobile Marketing Watch article shares the five things entrepreneur Brian Greenberg suggests brands and companies focus on to make the new year successful, mainly focusing on internal efforts to influence users.

“Because Millennials are now the largest population in the U.S., to say that transparency will drive how businesses are perceived is an understatement at best.” — Brian Greenberg, entrepreneur

In the current digital and online age, users have the ability to truly understand companies and see them for what they are. Transparency can go a long way; as the old saying goes, “honesty is the best policy.” Transparency fosters trustworthiness, and for companies and entrepreneurs, that can improve your standing in your industry. Plenty of companies are also implementing loyalty programs to incentivize users to return. With so many options available to them, customers tend to be highly influenced by price. By offering a loyalty program, you can successfully build a following.

Paid advertising can also increase your reach to potential users and influence their behavior. Though you’ll need to increase your marketing budget and spend more on social media, Facebook paid advertising has shown to have a far greater reach than organic posts. Not only can social media posts be used to inform users of your product, it can also be used as another form of customer service and engagement.

One tactic that is slowly dwindling is the idea of getting information for a service that isn’t available yet. These days, in the “Age of Impatience,” customers like some form of instant gratification. In the New Year, it’s important to work to impress your customersby giving them immediate information or product, customers will have the feeling of instant gratification. Ultimately, showing your customers that you care to provide a product quickly and efficiently can improve your standing as a company.

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