Around the Web: The Best Mobile Messaging Campaigns of 2015

By the Editors

A recent Mobile Marketer article takes a close look at some of the most effective mobile marketing campaigns created during 2015. Several trends emerged as successful tactics that enticed customers to engage with the company. Branded emojis, exclusive deals and personal concierge services were highlights for bringing mobile users on board and active.

“A slew of major brands found the right ingredient to marketing success in mobile messaging this year.”— Alex Samuely, Mobile Marketer

Clothing brands like American Eagle, Victoria’s Secret and Express found that exclusive giveaways worked well. American Eagle drew customers to dressing rooms to try on a particular pair of jeans and texting “JEANS” to a certain number as an entry to win $10,000 or a slew of Apple products. Victoria’s Secret and Express launched SMS giveaways for mobile shoppers to join in and enter to win a huge shopping spree.

HBO capitalized on the popularity of its hit show “Game of Thrones” by keeping its fans engaged during the year-long hiatus before season six premiered with mobile messaging and a mobile website. The text-based service allowed viewers to watch sneak previews of season six on the temporary mobile website. Mega hotel chain Marriott launched a mobile app that made the traveling experience easier for its loyalty reward members. The app allows guests to request amenities directly through the push of a button for services prior to arrival or during their stay without having to call down to the front desk.

After reading a consumer packaged goods marketer’s research, which revealed that women wanted more emoticons with different hairstyles and skin tones, Dove released emojis that addressed those needs. The branded emoji characters featured “women of all skin tones and hair colors, ranging from dark to light-skinned, alongside emojis with dark, light brown, blonde and red hair.”

Overall, these top mobile marketing campaigns drew in their audiences by catering to what their brand’s particular demographic wanted out of a mobile experience while also embracing the ways that mobile can capture real-time feedback. As 2015 comes to an end, it’s important to see what has worked in the ever-changing world of marketing.

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