Around the Web: A Close Look at Successful Holiday Marketing Campaigns of 2015

By the Editors

During the busy holiday season, it can be hard for brands and companies to stand out among the saturated field of advertisements, billboards and Black Friday sales. A recent Mobile Marketer article took a look at five marketing campaigns that aimed at generating positive buzz rather than pushed products at consumers. The chosen campaigns came from luxury brands that wanted to impress and wow potential customers and loyal shoppers.

“Consumers are saturated with advertisements and marketing in the holiday season, so laying off of products and guiding consumers to their own decisions helps consumers feel like they are avoiding the commercialization of the holidays.”— Forrest Cardamenis, Mobile Marketer

Italian jeweler Bulgari engaged with its audience by offering a virtual tour of the European country, using the hashtag #RomanTreasures. A microsite let shoppers get 360-degree views of cultural hot spots like the Spanish Steps and the Colosseum and send social media postcards from these venues. The viewer must take a journey to find the hidden jewels in this tour, thereby allowing the microsite to act as a creative holiday gift guide.

In London, British fashion label Burberry launched a digital billboard in the heavily trafficked Piccadilly Circus area that went live on December 14 and lasted until December 31. Burberry’s iconic scarf was on display in the billboard and consumers (up to five) using their mobile phone could browse a collection of scarves, personalize it and then send their scarf to the billboard and control its movements. Shoppers were then allowed to purchase their personalized scarf online or at the flagship store.

Luxury brand Montblanc took a different approach and started a #InspireKindness campaign designed to encourage spreading compassion during the holiday season. Consumers could view a short film on the company’s website, and then pick a pledge to help a loved one that could be shared via social media.

Like Bulgari, luxury hotel chain Peninsula offered a holiday-specific microsite with an interactive design to illustrate the hotel’s different seasonal offerings. In New York City, department store Saks Fifth Avenue transformed its flagship store into a gorgeous winter palace. For consumers not in Manhattan, the event was livestreamed on the company’s website. Saks Fifth Avenue also offered a special emoji keyboard and a holiday music playlist during the 2015 season.