Around the Web: Why Consumer Intent is More Important Than Demographic

By the Editors

Reaching a brand’s demographic may not be the most reliable tactic for targeting potential customers, according to a new article from Mobile Marketer. Instead of focusing on age or gender demographics, recently released analysis from Google suggests that examining consumers’ intent in how they search on mobile could be more informative. “Google reveals that retailers relying solely on demographics to guide their marketing are potentially missing out on 70 percent of mobile shoppers,” writes Mobile Marketer editorial assistant Alex Samuely.

“The key to driving sales and reaching new customers lies in identifying consumer intent, insists Google in a new analysis.”— Alex Samuely, Mobile Marketer

For example, Google found that retailer Home Depot had the most success on social media after discovering that home improvement consumers spent most of their time on YouTube watching videos on repairs. The company worked on developing content geared toward do-it-yourself type people for its YouTube channel and now has 48 million views and hundreds of videos on topics such as choosing interior paint.

Since most consumers turn to their mobile devices for answers for pressing questions rather than reaching for their laptop, mobile search should be geared toward capturing those potential shoppers within seconds of their search. Some surprising statistics about certain markets reveal that by only focusing on a particular demographic—mobile marketers can potentially miss a larger audience. For example, video game apps might target males age 18 to 34, but according to Google, only 31 percent of gamers fall into that age bracket. Additionally, “45 percent of consumers who search for home improvement products are women, while 68 percent of influencers for skin and body care in the past half-year were male,” writes Samuely.

To engage with those immediate consumers who are searching for specific content, Samuely suggests using Google Trends to discover search trends. How-to videos on YouTube are also another way to attract attention, easy “Buy Now” buttons during checkout and location information for the closest store to the consumer searching for a product are great ways to address a potential shopper’s micro-moment needs.

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