Around the Web: How One Mall Chain Ramps Up Holiday Sales Through a Mob

By the Editors

As the holiday season approaches and more customers are hitting the malls for great deals, one regional mall chain is helping its brick-and-mortar stores entice customers who are constantly connected to their smartphones. By offering StepsAway, a browser-based mobile app, that can be used through the mall’s free WiFi, potential customers get deals and offers for stores within the mall without having to download an app. “Data suggests that very few shoppers download a mall-specific app to their phone; however, they will log onto a WiFi network whereby they can easily view the particular mall’s promotions in their browser,” explains Allan Haims, president and CEO of StepsAway in a Mobile Commerce Daily article.

“As consumers increasingly turn to their smartphones for snagging the best coupons and deals while shopping in-store, malls must engage in cross-partnerships with mobile retail solutions to cater to their clientele and maintain customer traffic.”— Alex Samuely, Mobile Commerce Daily

The StepsAway app, which launched a year ago, assists retailers who want shoppers roaming through the shopping center to stop by their store by allowing retailers to offer time-sensitive deals and coupons. So far, customers have checked out more than 20 million promotions through the app. Since shoppers don’t have to take up precious smartphone real estate by downloading the app, StepsAway has seen an uptick in usage, particularly around the holidays or season-driven times of the year.

A benefit to both retailers and consumers, Haims has seen that customers interact positively to the app because of instant deals that allow them to make quicker buying decisions, plus there’s no need to clip a coupon. Every offer is stored in one place. For retailers who offer flash sales, they’ve seen double-digit redemption rates. Haims points out that 94 percent of sales still occur in brick-and-mortar establishments, and in-mall shopping mall apps have a captive audience who is ready to buy. These time-sensitive offers, flash sales and unique offers can easily draw in customers who are looking to save money this holiday season.

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