How Banana Republic Is Using Mobile To Drive In-Store Traffic

By the Editors

We’ve already established that retail isn’t going anywhere. While many customers are making the shift to doing their shopping online, brick and mortar retailers are fighting back with innovative mobile marketing campaigns designed to drive in-store traffic. Here’s how one store is using the mobile channel to engage with customers and improve sales, and here’s what you can learn from their case study.

Banana Republic was founded in 1978. But it wasn’t the popular high-end casual clothing retailer that we know and love today. It began as a two-store operation that sold clothing that you’d wear if you planned to go on a safari. It wasn’t until the mid-eighties after The Gap, Inc. purchased the company that they made the transition to selling mainstream products that would appeal to the masses. Today, Banana Republic has over 630 locations around the globe, and is one of the world’s most well known high-end clothing retailers.

Banana Republic made headlines in the market research and mobile space back in 2011 when they developed their Banana Republic Insiders panel. Existing Banana Republic customers had the option to sign up for the Insiders panel to discuss the latest in fashion trends for retailers. Insider Panel customers also had the option of participating in a monthly online survey designed by Banana Republic. The discussion forum and the monthly surveys provided the company with invaluable feedback regarding buyer behavior, product design and pricing, and customer needs. In a time where more and more customers are using their smartphones in-store to compare prices on items, the Insider Panel has given the company an edge on the competition.

Most recently, Banana Republic has turned to the mobile channel once again to create value for their customers. The company developed a mobile ad campaign with the goal of driving foot traffic to their retail stores. The location-based marketing campaign offered mobile users an exclusive 10% off their next in-store purchase at Banana Republic.

Mobile users who clicked through on the campaign’s banner ads were directed a to landing page that provided them with three options. Potential customers could either map out nearby Banana Republic locations, access the 10% off mobile coupon, or visit the company’s mobile website to browse through their products and make purchases. Mobile users who weren’t ready to use the coupon right away could choose to save it to their device as a photograph, or forward it to themselves in an email for future use. The campaign provided a convenient way for mobile customers to get a decent discount on their next shopping trip. And who doesn’t love a good discount?

The recent Banana Republic advertising campaign is a great example of mobile marketing at its finest. The banner ads provided mobile users with a clear call to action encouraging them to click to receive 10% off, as well as a great incentive to visit one of the store’s retail locations to make a purchase.

Are you ready to get started with mobile to engage with your target audience and improve your sales?