Election 2012: How Will Obamacare Impact the Economy?

By the Editors

Our 2012 presidential election poll posted last month only gave Obama a narrow 2% advantage in the race. With only four months to go before the final showdown, the healthcare debate added new uncertainties to Obama’s political prospect. Our healthcare poll series scrutinizes this core question: How will Obamacare impact our economy? The results suggest that Obama may well have second thoughts on his plan.

How will the implementation of Obamacare impact the economy?

The majority identified with negative consequences citing an increase in taxes (35%), an increase in deficit (25%), and a loss of jobs (18%). Only 2% of people believed Obamacare would actually decrease taxes.

Do you think the Supreme Court’s ruling will prevent small businesses from hiring new employees?

Our audience found that Obamacare’s effect on small businesses would be similarly gloomy. 47% believed that the Supreme Court’s ruling will deter small businesses from hiring new employees. When broken down by demographic:

  • 50% of women surveyed thought that the ruling would adversely affect small business growth versus 39% of men
  • African Americans were split with 40% for both “Yes” and “No”
  • Every other substantial ethnicity had a majority for “Yes”
  • Students were the only “employment status” category who thought that “No,” small businesses would not suffer under this ruling (41%).

There is one thing to note in this healthcare battle: the gender gap. Women are still paying 31% more for health plans than men in the United States. Perhaps it’s not surprising that they have more negative impressions of the system. And don’t underestimate the clout of women in small businesses. The women’s role in election 2012 is bigger than ever.