Mixing Business with Pleasure: Can Facebook Compete with LinkedIn?

By the Editor

The lackluster stock performance of Facebook has forced the social networking giant to hurry up and monetize: How can they tap into the rich data pool of 500 million active users? The Facebook job board is rumored to be the next big investment. An article published yesterday by Forbes believes that FB’s move could kill LinkedIn’s momentum.

Could this really be an easy win for Facebook? We launched a survey to test the water and the result suggests that Facebook should not be overly optimistic- just yet.Despite the fact that 90% of respondents have Facebook profile while only 34% have LinkedIn profile, the line between social and professional remains clear. In fact, despite LinkedIn’s professional objectives, 22% consider the platform as social. Only 2% consider Facebook professional.

Only 25% of respondents said they would be interested in subscribing to the Facebook job board, while 51% are sitting on the fence. More importantly, 60% of respondents strongly or somewhat agree that social and professional networks should be kept separately. Accordingly, 39% said they wouldn’t switch from LinkedIn to Facebook for future job hunting, and 37% have not made up their minds.

Facebook’s determination to step into the world of professional networking is understandable, and it has a good reason to compete with Linkedin. However, people are not ready to mingle their social and professional lives just yet. On that note, Facebook still has a long way to go to be considered a professional platform.