How Mobile Market Research Can Improve Your Hiring

By the Editors

Most of the discussions around market research center on sales and marketing. How can we most effectively learn about our audience and convince them to buy our products or services? But good market research can be a smart weapon in your quest to hire the best talent for your organization. Without great sales people to follow up on the leads you generate, without the top administrators to keep your operations running smoothly, without rock star product designers to create things your customers can’t get enough of – all the marketing in the world isn’t going to grow your business. Here’s how to use mobile market research to add rocket fuel to your hiring.

Get to know the demands of key segments

Many businesses rely on a certain kind of employee to thrive. A mobile app development company needs great coders and designers. Consulting firms need smart MBAs to work as case analysts. Have you reached out to that population to find out what they value? For example, you might assume that flexible work hours and a big salary are crucial. Yet a lot of market research has emphasized the importance of structured career progression, mentorship, and ongoing training in consulting firms. Many top tier candidates are willing to take a smaller salary if they know the infrastructure is in place to help them thrive in the long term. In the same way that you work to uncover and present the benefits that matter the most to your customers, use the same strategies to attract the best candidates.

Get real-time feedback on your hiring process

There’s nothing more frustrating than investing in wooing a candidate to find out that something turned them off during the hiring process. From aggressive interviewers to a disconnect on the job description to a lack of organization in the process, it’s important to understand where processes break down. Follow up with candidates – especially the ones that turn down an offer – to learn more so you can improve your efforts.

Optimize your mobile career site

Depending on the size of your company, your web presence to attract new talent may be an entire website or just a page on your overall site. Regardless of the size, make sure that your careers page or site is optimized for mobile. Job descriptions and background information should be easy to access. If you’re asking people to upload files like a resume and cover letter, they should be easily able to do so from a tablet or smartphone.

It goes without saying that your regular Human Resources website is highly secure due to the sensitive information that potential employees upload. You will also want to make sure that your mobile users can be assured the same level of privacy when they send their information via your mobile-optimized site. Don’t lose terrific candidates because your information or functionality wasn’t up to par.

Use market research to uncover employee satisfaction issues

While not directly related to the hiring process per se, reducing employee turnover is the best way to manage hiring costs. Ensure that you are conducting regular satisfaction surveys with your employees to understand what’s working and what’s not. Getting to the root of those issues and addressing problems will create the best context for your new hires to success.