A Multi-Faceted Approach to Marketing: MAC Cosmetics Uses Direct Mail and QR Codes

By the Editors

When it comes to marketing, sometimes your best bet is to target customers who are already interested in your brand. By focusing on your repeat customers, you’re increasing the likelihood that your business will make a sale. This is especially true if you personalize your retargeting efforts. Recently, one popular cosmetics store launched an integrated direct mail and mobile campaign designed to connect with repeat customers. Here’s what they’re doing and what you can learn from their case study.

MAC Cosmetics is a make-up lover’s paradise. The cosmetics giant, which first opened its doors in Toronto, Canada, back in 1984, offers thousands of different makeup products customized for every skin type. In addition to their wide array of makeup, MAC also sells countless beauty products and perfumes. It is the place to go if you are interested in revamping your look or replacing your old makeup. Currently, MAC Cosmetics has over 1,000 locations around the world.

Recently, the MAC Cosmetics team launched a new campaign that combines direct mail with mobile marketing. Many times, retail stores will use direct mail to reach out to possible customers or distribute rewards coupons to consumers enrolled in their loyalty programs. Rather than targeting potential customers locally or offering exclusive discounts to rewards program members, MAC took a slightly different approach with their recent campaign.

Customers who shop at MAC’s U.S. flagship store in New York City and sign up for the retailer’s mailing list at check out receive special deliveries from the retailer. But these deliveries aren’t coupons or free products. To say thank you for recent purchases, MAC Cosmetics has created a postcard with a friendly note and a scannable QR code. When a mobile user scans the code, they have the option of viewing a series of tutorial videos related to some of MAC Cosmetics’ most popular products. Customers can easily access tips and tricks from professional makeup artists on how to make the most of their recent purchases. Who wouldn’t want a video tutorial from the pros?

The videos are seamlessly integrated with the popular MAC Cosmetics mobile site. After viewing a tutorial, repeat customers have the option to browse through additional products mentioned or other beauty products that have piqued their interest. Shoppers can also locate a store nearby if they prefer to check out cosmetics in person before purchasing. The goal is to drive additional sales among customers who have already expressed an interest in the MAC brand through their recent purchases.

MAC Cosmetics’ new marketing effort is expected to be a hit with their target audience of younger, female consumers. This particular customer segment tends to use their mobile devices frequently for everything from social networking to shopping. More frequent QR code scans means increased sales for the cosmetics retailer.