Old Fashioned Home Cooking Goes Mobile

By the Editors

It’s no secret that restaurants are using the mobile channel to make connections with their customers. We’ve cited numerous pubs and eateries running innovative mobile campaigns in order to improve their service and make connections with hungry diners. But what about chefs who spend most of their time home cooking? Chances are you’ve probably used your mobile phone to find a new or favorite recipe online. A recently released survey from Allrecipes.com shows that the home chefs of the world are turning to mobile in increasing numbers to do everything from create weekly meal plans to research healthy recipe options.With several thousand recipes available at your fingertips, Allrecipes.com is one of the most popular recipe sharing website on the web. So whether you’re looking for a great banana bread recipe or quick and easy make your own hummus recipe, Allrecipes.com has you covered. The company has expanded their reach into 18 countries worldwide, providing countless chefs with a little dining inspiration. Recently, the recipe giant conducted a survey of its customers to learn more about how they were using the website and mobile app. The data surrounding mobile usage and adoption were especially interesting. Here are some of the key takeaways from Allrecipes.com’s recent survey.

In-store mobile usage

According to the survey, smartphone users around the world are turning to their mobile devices for meal inspiration most frequently while they are doing their grocery shopping. The Allrecipes app is a popular choice for US mobile users in-store. An estimated 35% of app users access the app while shopping. Consumers in the UK and Argentina trailed close behind, using their smartphone to access the Allrecipes mobile app while browsing the shelves in the grocery store on nearly one-third of their shopping trips.

Visual content consumption on mobile

The survey also illustrates the increasing popularity of cooking-related videos among smartphone and tablet users. Nearly 20% of mobile users are consuming video content as they are planning and cooking their meals. This emphasizes the importance of optimizing video content for a wide range of mobile devices. If your website’s visual content is not optimized for mobile, you could be missing out on an important opportunity for connecting with your customers.

Global usage

It may be no surprise, but mobile usage is on the rise globally. Nearly 63% of survey respondents used their smartphones or tablets regularly to help with menu planning and finding inspiration for delicious meals. Allrecipes respondents were located in 13 countries from different regions around the world. Mobile users accessed the web both in-store while they were on the go and at home.

The takeaways from the Allrecipes.com survey show that mobile continues to gain traction around the globe. Customers are using their smartphones while doing other activities such as shopping and cooking to access product information and make purchases. And more people are using their mobile devices to access rich visual content.