Screening for Success: Why the Screener is the Key Ingredient in B2B Research Quality

By Nicole Mitchell, Knowledge Specialist and Jackie Lorch, VP Global Knowledge Management

The ingredients you need to ensure quality for a business-to-business research project are in many ways the same as they are for a consumer study. It all starts with where the sample comes from. Whether the sample frame is an online panel, a customer list or a random digit telephone sample, it’s important that any… Continue reading

Just how Different are Rural and Urban People?

By Pete Cape, Global Knowledge Director

We were asked recently to supply Age and Gender quotas for an urban-only population and we only had general population statistics to draw on. Data based on urban areas alone is not generally easy to find. So what would be the error if we used the general population breakdown instead? We have a stereotypical view… Continue reading

Mobile Ethnography and B2B Market Research

By the Editors

On February 6, Quirks published an article by Caroline Stovold of B2B International, entitled “Why Mobile Ethnography Belongs in B2B Research.” Stovold’s piece looks at how business-to-business market researchers can make use of mobile ethnography — respondent-captured photos, videos, and comments — to gain qualitative insights for clients. She breaks her argument into three sections:… Continue reading

Adapting Your Privacy Policy for New Visual Technologies

By the Editors

The increasing prevalence of video recordings and facial recognition software in the realm of market research has led to evolving needs for privacy policies. In a recent webinar, SSI General Counsel Ashlin Quirk addressed some of the unique issues facing market researchers using rich media—such as video and photos—in their research. How can market research… Continue reading

Preserving Privacy in the Age of Geo-location

By the Editors

With enhanced GPS tracking capabilities available in today’s mobile devices, it is easier than ever to for retailers and market researchers to track where consumers are shopping. Customers around the world receive survey notifications, promotions, and have their in-store data tracked and recorded on a daily basis. However, as customer sensitivity about privacy rises—and regulatory… Continue reading

Around the Web: The Three “C’s” of B2B Marketing in 2017

By the Editors

In late December, Martech Today contributor Erik Matlick made predictions about how data and technology will be used by B2B marketers in 2017. He forecasted that major tech trends would revolve around “3 C’s” in the New Year: Consolidation, Convergence, and the Collective. “This idea of convergence flows into the biggest trend that will affect… Continue reading

Can Mobile Visual Anthropology Help Researchers Better Understand Consumers?

By the Editors

Mobile phones offer researchers critical features: the ability to gather visual information through photos and video recordings. These features can help researchers develop a much more nuanced understanding of context and customer behavior. The practice of mobile visual ethnography—using pictures and videos to gather important context clues about consumer behavior—is growing. What is Ethnography and… Continue reading