Time Sensitive Deadlines: Revamping the Traditional Data Collection Process

By the Editors

In the fast-moving world of public relations, deadlines are typically tight. Clients are constantly seeking insightful, fact-based information to help guide their business decisions. Traditional data collection processes tend to be time consuming, which can be a challenge if a customer needs immediate feedback about products or services they offer, or support for an upcoming launch. Research processes must move at the speed of customer needs.

If you’re in PR, you can’t just skip over the research process. Collecting data for customers is a critical part of the job. Understanding how your client’s brands are positioned and performing is based on real-time data. So how can PR professionals simplify the market research process and deliver quickly on time-sensitive projects? Here’s what one PR firm did to win the race against the clock, and here’s what you can learn from their case study.

If you’re in the public relations and marketing industry, you’ve no doubt heard of MWW. Ranked among the leading PR firms in the world, this award-winning agency has worked with high profile clients including Walgreens, JetBlue, Nikon, and Subaru, as well as dozens of others. The MWW team prides themselves on providing exceptional customer service and they’re constantly striving for improvement to stay ahead of their competition. PR professionals at MWW are always searching for innovative new ways to provide clients with the data they need to make informed decisions about their brand in a more timely fashion.

Recently, MWW turned to SSI’s integrated survey, sampling, and analysis platform to help streamline their data collection process so they could deliver valuable facts to clients more quickly. The brand used the platform to develop a variety of market research surveys related to different projects, and then distributed them to targeted respondents through SSI’s On-Demand mobile platform. Traditionally, the research process could take several weeks. But with access to an intuitive platform and a mobile audience at their fingertips, MWW was able to collect robust data sets, sometimes within a matter of hours.

In a recent case study SSI developed, Ephraim Cohen, the Executive Vice President of MWW’s Digital Content Industry Technology Group, discussed how the SSI platform helped his company gain a competitive edge in the industry: “Turnaround time is so fast that, with less than 24-hour notice, we have been able to provide clients with significant results. That carries a lot of weight with us and provides a clear benefit for our clients. The combination of low cost and speed is killer. Anytime there is something I want to test and measure, SSI makes it possible to conduct research faster and at lower cost than ever before.”

The fast-paced nature of the PR industry requires almost immediate turnaround time on high profile projects. And for MWW, SSI’s platform allowed them to deliver in-depth data more quickly for their clients.