Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI)

The scope and the skills for the results you need

When your research project needs a personal touch, a customer advocate, or the guidance of an experienced researcher, SSI CATI is the right choice. With our professional team, 2,500 strong, you get:

  • The industry's largest interviewing team  We have the capacity to handle every telephone interviewing project no matter the size or scope. 
  • Dedicated, professional interviewers.  We hire talented, multi-lingual staff to build focused interviewing teams, continually trained to refine their skills. We are proud that many team members make long-term careers with us. These seasoned experts monitor and coach new staff to deliver your results on time and on budget.
  • The most efficient and effective interviewing facilities.   We put our experience to work re-designing the interviewing environment to enhance project management, quality control and communication for results you can trust.
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10 SSI CATI Data Security Best Practices

Your sensitive data is in safe hands with SSI 

10 SSI CATI Data Security Best Practices:

    1. Annual 3rd party technology and security audit
    2. All data is stored in a Central Data Repository in Orem, Utah
    3. The use of cell phones and portable storage devices is restricted and carefully monitored 
    4. SSI operates policy restrictions on USB storage and access to CD/DVD writable drives
    5. There is documented restricted access to each project. Information is shared only to the relevant teams
    6. State of the art firewalls minimize the risk of any data leaks
    7. Full time security staff monitor systems and run constant, regular vulnerability assessments on systems and networks
    8. Physical access to office areas is restricted via key card and biometric entry to data centers
    9. SSI operates many built-in communication, network, and power redundancies to protect data
    10. All staff are fully trained on the reasons behind the need for security, with regular refreshers on security best practices

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The right mode of on-the-go opinions

As households move from landlines and desktop computers to wireless phones and tablets, you need to include the opinions of consumers on-the-go and our mobile solutions fit the bill:

  • SSI wireless/mobile random digit sample gives the frame coverage you need for a projectable sample now that half of US households can’t be reached via landline
  • You can target mobile phone or iPad users

Online sample without tablet users misses vital opinions

SSI’s popular QuickThoughts™ iPad app engages mobile survey-takers and it’s the only app to offer iTunes rewards for completed surveys! Traditional online surveys adapt well to tablets and in most cases, no questionnaire re-design is needed. These benefits make QuickThoughts™ a great fit for today’s online research projects. No other survey-taking app offers the consistency and reliability of the SSI Blend.

When you use the SSI Blend, wireless and tablet members are included, so you get the advantage of the most diverse population of respondents, our methodology, screening and extensive quality controls.


SSI’s online sample has the broadest reach and best representation

With 68 panels in 33 countries, plus millions of additional respondents from social media, online communities, affiliate partners and more, we cover your online market research needs. The SSI Blend – SSI’s premier online sample – has been judged “outstanding” for its quality and consistency by external auditors from the Grand Mean. Learn more.

Respondents are verified through a strict data integrity process.

To authenticate and de-dupe:

  • digital fingerprinting
  • matches against third-party databases
  • traps for geo-IP violations
  • real-time dynamic profiling

Data integrity via:

  • timestamps to flag “speeders”
  • checks to identify “straight liners”
  • quality control questions to identify inattention
  • real-time database analyses to stop fraud
  • Our respondents want to give their opinions; rewards engage and motivate them. You can be confident your sample is balanced and representative.
  • Some online samples use static profiles based on long questionnaires. We ask only what we need to know, in real-time and never lead respondents – so you know the right people are taking your survey.
  • Our “open-door” flexible sourcing means better representation for you. Panels are powerful, but not appealing to everyone. We include anyone who wants to share their honest opinions – even those who would never join a panel.


The largest, most representative telephone sample in your reach

SSI’s gold-standard telephone options let you strike the right balance between statistical significance, field time and cost. Of course we include mobile/wireless households, in a way that lets you maintain the best projectability while controlling field time and costs. Learn how.

SSI’s range of options:

Offline Products

Address-Based Sample (ABS) delivers nearly complete coverage of US households, expanding your reach beyond the 75% access that random digit and internet frames deliver.

How it works: We generate an address sample, and where possible, append phone numbers. If an address does not have a phone number, we invite them to:

  • complete a printed questionnaire,
  • visit a website, or
  • call a toll-free number.

This mixed solution means we never miss a potential target. SSI’s ABS is the right choice when complete coverage of all US households is your goal.

Random Digit Dial sample (RDD) combines landline and wireless telephone access into one of the most projectable and methodologically sound samples. It’s the perfect solution when you need strong projectability and high representativeness with minimal sample frame error. We offer a variety of random digit options in 21 countries:

  • RDD-A sample: each working block of numbers has an equal probability of selection.
  • RDD-B: adds efficiencies by assigning a probability of selection based on the share of listed phone numbers in an exchange.
  • EPSEM: ensures that every phone number, residential or business, has an equal probability of selection.
  • Cluster sample: supports political polling, controlling for completed interviews by geography.

And when you need more precise targeting:

SSI LITe (low incidence targeting) sample: gives telephone access to 100 million US consumers by lifestyle, interest, ailment and activity. 

Discuss the right choice for your project. Whichever methodology you use, SSI is the reliable source of true probability sample, with:

  • the widest variety of targeting, including ethnicity, income, age and geography
  • the broadest coverage of consumer and business targets
  • wireless/mobile in 12 countries
  • the do-it-yourself convenience and savings of SSI-SNAP™, the desktop application that lets you create a custom phone sample on your PC and have it delivered in minutes
  • consultative support from our sampling experts
  • fielding efficiencies to suit your project, including de-duping, purging business numbers and pre-screening for disconnect for both wireless/mobile numbers and landline
  • the expertise of SSI’s CATI fielding: 2,500 phone stations with multi-lingual, professional staff

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