Survey Sampling FAQs

For our customers and prospects, SSI wants to make it easy for you to decide to do business with our company. There are many factors that market researchers should weigh when partnering with a survey and market research firm like SSI. As part of an industry-wide effort to increase transparency and raise awareness of these issues and how SSI is differentiated, we have answered the ESOMAR 28 Questions.

The 2015 questions have been updated to recognize ongoing developments in research technologies, modes and best practices. Additionally, we are including other questions that we believe will help clients or potential clients understand our value.

At its simplest, market research is asking the right people, the right questions and understanding their answers. Today’s market research also encompasses passively collected data in addition to answers to survey questions.

A sample is a subset of an entire population. Sampling is the science of precisely selecting the subset in order to best represent the entire population. Learn more.

A panel is a group of people who have agreed to take part in survey research by answering questions. Research panels have existed for over a century: first as groups of people interviewed in person, then later as large panels that filled out postal mail questionnaires for companies. In the 1990’s panels became an important means of gathering research data online. They have many advantages in their ability to connect people to surveys they wish to take. Join one of our panels.

SSI is accredited in our Sydney Australia office to ISO Standard 20252. SSI holds membership in dozens of research associations around the globe and abides by the principles of the major research associations, including ESOMAR and the Insights Association. Learn more.

SSI’s online sample blend was audited by Mktg. Inc. Consistent Track™ audit, which concluded that SSI had “clearly demonstrated an ability to be consistent in more markets than any other country.” In Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States, SSI’s Sample Blend was awarded highest honors for exceptional consistency.

The auditors found that “SSI has now achieved consistency in almost as many countries as has the rest of the world. No panel company has achieved this level of excellence.”

SSI’s telephone sample is managed and quality controlled by a methodology team led by some of the pioneers in the invention of random digit telephone sampling. Database updates are regular, staff training is rigorous, and there are strict quality control and fail-safe procedures built into the telephone product process and all SSI’s proprietary technology. Learn more.

SSI’s online sample is controlled by a suite of quality-control procedures including an extensive Partner Certification Program, digital fingerprinting, IP-verification, methodologically sound profiling, built in quality control questions, and strict reward claims verification procedures. Learn more.

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More information about our panels and methodology can be found in SSI’s answers to the ESOMAR 28 questions for research buyers. Click here to access the document.

For other information, go to our contact page for detailed information on whom to call in your location – or simply e-mail info@surveysampling.com.

We always welcome new survey-takers. Check out the QuickThoughts® app at the iTunes store, or join our panel.

Please email us at optout@surveysampling.com to be placed on our no-contact list and include the phone number in the body of the email. Learn more.