SSI Announces Launch Of First US Wireless Screening Service For Research Industry; Previously Only Available For Landline Sample

New US cell phone sample methodologies improve efficiency and accuracy, helping researchers overcome the challenges and costs of connecting to an increasingly wireless population.

For the first time, using the new SSI Wireless Screener and SSI Wireless Geo-ID, researchers have access to improvements in US cell phone sample efficiency and accuracy which until now were available only for landline samples.

SHELTON, Connecticut, USA, July 23, 2012—The launch of these new US products coincides with the release of new data from the NHIS showing that, for the first time, half of all US households are wireless-only or wireless-mostly. In light of the continuing decline in landline ownership (especially among those under age 40, Hispanics and lower income demographics) it’s essential to include cell phone numbers in any representative sample. But in the past, adding cell phones into your sampling plan has added fielding complexities and cost. SSI is unique in offering two new tools to increase the efficiency and accuracy of cell phone sample.

SSI Wireless Screener is a stand-alone, post-production process that increases efficiency by identifying US cell phone numbers with activity within an RDD cell phone sample. The process maintains the integrity of SSI’s probability methodology and complies with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

SSI Wireless Geo-ID is a stand-alone, post-production process that identifies the billing ZIP code of the US cell phone number.

“By adding wireless screening to our US cell phone samples, we bring our clients a sample which is still methodologically rigorous, but is much more efficient,” says Jessica Smith, SSI Vice President, Offline Client Services. “Clients will experience fewer wasted dialings, resulting in substantial cost savings, as well as better morale in the phone room—which we know contributes to higher quality data. And by using the Geo-ID process, clients can get something they’ve never had before: ZIP code information for their cell phone sample.”

Both the SSI Wireless Screener and SSI Wireless Geo-ID were developed using billions of consumer-initiated transactions across the US from nationwide phone carriers and hundreds of proprietary sources, to provide an authoritative method for identifying phone numbers that are ‘working’. SSI’s extensive testing has found that the process consis¬tently detects working wireless phone numbers, and by eliminating the numbers with no activity, significantly improves productivity in field.

Lisa Christiansen, SSI Account Executive comments: “My political clients need results fast, especially in a busy Presidential election season. With these new services, I can save them time in field, and help them to better target the populations they need to reach.”

For more information about these new US mobile phone products, please contact Jessica Smith.

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