SSI Enhances Its QuickTake™ Do-It-Yourself Survey Tool: Additions Include Access to Registered US Voters, Automatic Translations in

SHELTON, CT, February 14, 2012 - SSI has significantly enhanced its QuickTake™ do-it-yourself research solution, which lets users conduct surveys 24/7 with target audiences across the Americas, Europe and Asia.  Added features include automatic translations, allowing users to program surveys once and present them to respondents in up to 8 different languages…expanded capacity, giving users the option of asking up to 20 closed- or open-ended questions…and the inclusion of respondent satisfaction insights with real-time survey results.  In addition, to reach today’s on-the-go respondents, QuickTake now can automatically render surveys to fit mobile devices.  To meet the needs of political and public affairs researchers in an American election year, QuickTake also has added US registered voters to its audience selection criteria.

Other new features focus on simplifying and improving the user experience.  QuickTake now automatically saves surveys during the design process, so users can stop and come back later to finish their questionnaires, with no risk of losing information.  It also offers a streamlined login that speeds access.  Users now also have the option of setting their own quotas—or having the system handle that for them, balancing age and gender by region.

In addition, QuickTake provides greater flexibility in creating questions, enabling users to employ “skip logic,” as well as to randomize answers.  For surveys needing to incorporate visual elements, users now also can upload images.

“QuickTake’s newest features add to its already powerful list of benefits—most importantly, the unmatched reach and diversity of SSI’s access that’s built right into the QuickTake platform,” says Paul Abbate, SSI’s Vice President, North American Sales.  “Because QuickTake’s sample is from SSI, users can be confident it is balanced and representative.  Our respondents have opted in to take surveys—and are appropriately incented to optimize participation, motivation and engagement.  

“In addition, all participants are extensively profiled on demographics, gender, age, income and more.  Users save time and money, because they don’t have to re-ask basic profiling questions.  SSI provides that information free, as part of the QuickTake service.  Because of our in-depth profiling, we can target even the hardest-to-reach audiences and bring them into surveys.”

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