SSI Reveals Tracking Study Techniques to Improve Data Quality

Podcast Explains the How-To’s

SHELTON, Conn., Nov.25, 2013 – In a podcast released today Ricky Odello, vice president, sales, for SSI, explained how to achieve the best quality and richest data from online tracking studies.

“For a tracking study, consistency is everything,” said Odello, adding “because you are trying to measure changes or shifts that take place in the market. Above all, you want to keep sample composition consistent. Essentially, you want to draw your sample from the same sample frame in the same way for each wave.

“This is more easily said than done, especially for online research, where multiple sources make up a sample frame which is often small relative to the total population,” added Odello. Keeping the source of sample consistent over time isn’t enough. A good example of this is Facebook. The Facebook frame 10 years ago was college students. Today’s Facebook user is just as likely to be a grandmother.

“At SSI,” Odello explained, “we blend multiple online sources to mitigate bias, and monitor and control our sample stream for consistency by asking questions: a series of attitudinal and behavioral questions proven to go beyond just controlling for demographics. This type of strategy helps for sustainable consistency for tracking or wave studies.”

Sometimes it is necessary to change a tracking study to make it more relevant, cost effective and feasible. “I would highly suggest working with a trained methodologist either at your research firm or your sample provider to ensure you understand the implications when change is needed,” concluded Odello.

To learn more about tracking study best practices, listen to the podcast or request a copy of a “Dr. Pete” article on podcasts by Pete Cape, SSI Global Knowledge via

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