SSI Presents 2015 QUEST Awards for Survey Excellence at ESOMAR Congress

New Category Added to Recognize Large Firm Achievements

DUBLIN (ESOMAR Congress), Sept. 28, 2015SSI today announced French market research firm Scènes de vie won the Best in QUEST Award for survey excellence at ESOMAR’s 68th Annual Congress.  Other winners include MaritzCX that won a QUEST Award in a new category, ESOMAR Top 25, which are the largest global market research firms as defined by ESOMAR.  And Diagaid Marketing Research, based in Shanghai, won in the general consumer category for multiple projects it conducted in China.

Additionally, MGA Entertainment, a manufacturer of children's toys and entertainment products, won for general consumer survey research; Forrester Research won for business-to-business; and Wakefield Research won for mobile survey excellence during the sixth annual QUEST Award presentation.

As an industry leader and innovator on survey design and respondent experience, SSI introduced the QUEST (QUestionnaire Experience Satisfaction Tool) Awards in 2010 to support the industry’s continuing quest to improve respondents’ survey experience and encourage creativity in developing surveys that delight participants.  Self-reported satisfaction scores from respondents are key factors in determining winning projects.  Winners are also judged on drop rates and actual times to complete questionnaires.

“This year’s scores show some progress from the industry but mobile is clearly an area in need of significant improvement,” said SSI Chief Marketing Officer Chris Clarke, during the awards ceremony held today at ESOMAR Congress. "SSI added the ‘ESOMAR Top 25’ category this year because it is important to showcase which of the largest companies in market research are leading by example in this area.”

SSI uses its own proprietary technology and tools to test surveys on behalf of clients to help improve survey quality and respondent experience.  SSI QuestTest™ is an automated tool that tests for errors and abnormalities in surveys.  It provides an estimate of survey length and detailed reports on where the survey failed.  It tests across multiple devices and screen sizes, and, as a predictive tool, will help determine respondent engagement and satisfaction.

“SSI dedicated many man-hours to develop the QuestTest tool and has tested more than 23,000 surveys during the last year and a half,” explained Clarke.  “Clients will feel confident the QuestTest results we’re now sharing with them, based on 2.8 million simulated interviews, will help improve respondent experience as well as overall data quality.”

SSI is the premier global provider of data solutions and technology for consumer and business-to-business survey research, reaching respondents in 100+ countries via Internet, telephone, mobile/wireless and mixed-access offerings.  SSI staff operates from 30 offices in 21 countries, offering sample, data collection, CATI, questionnaire design consultation, programming and hosting, online custom reporting and data processing.  SSI’s 3,600 employees serve more than 2,500 clients worldwide.  Visit SSI at


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