SSI Introduces Proximity Sample, Creating Industry's First, Fully Integrated, Geo-Location Mobile Solution

NEW YORK (MRMW Conference), May 19, 2015 – Survey research using mobile phones has always been a challenge for brands and market researchers. The industry knows mobile surveys provide greater flexibility, richer insights and better views into consumers’ lives. But recruiting the right mobile participants, conducting effective surveys on mobile phones and collecting data in the moment of truth have been an elusive combination for market researchers. And if online or telephone surveys are added to the mix, a solution becomes even more difficult to find. Today, SSI announces the industry’s only comprehensive, multi-modal product to combine geo-location and behavioral data in a fully integrated mobile research solution.

The new geo-location product called SSI Proximity Sample™, combined with SSI QuickThoughts® mobile data collection app and SSI QuestTest™, an automated tool that tests for errors and abnormalities in surveys, offer the comprehensive mobile survey solution market researchers have been seeking since smartphones hit the market. The solution is fully integrated into SSI’s global technology platform so it benefits from the same blend and quality control SSI has perfected for online research.

“SSI Proximity Sample combines geo-location capabilities with our popular SSI QuickThoughts mobile data solution. Now we can conduct surveys based on where respondents were, where they are or where we would like them to be,” said Saran Ganesh, SSI’s Director Product Marketing Mobile. “Unlike other mobile solutions, SSI’s growing mobile panel is fully integrated and blended like the rest of our sample so researchers are assured the same high level of quality they’ve come to expect from SSI.”

The combined mobile research solution of SSI’s Proximity Sample, QuickThoughts® and QuestTest™ solves market researchers’ need for greater flexibility to produce richer insights by enabling the collection of in-the-moment data. SSI’s mobile solution allows companies to target people for sampling in new and better ways at any given time. It transforms research from questions answered based on recall to a 360-degree view into consumers’ lives with greater context and in much closer proximity to the moment of truth.

“We can target against key locations, including stores, airports, auto dealerships, doctor’s waiting rooms and theaters. By combining geo-location data with specific customer segmentation and behavior factors, SSI provides a sharper insight over a broader more relevant context of respondent engagement,” added Ganesh, who will be giving a presentation on mobile data collection at the Market Research in the Mobile World conference (the “MRMW”) on Thursday, May 21, at Wyndham New Yorker Hotel in New York City.

SSI’s mobile solution is global. The SSI QuickThoughts® mobile app, first introduced in 2013, engages mobile survey takers in 19 countries on iPhone, iPad, and Android tablets and phones. The app allows SSI to take advantage of all the capabilities contained within a smartphone’s sensors, such as a camera to see, and an accelerometer and GPS chip to know where it is. This enables SSI to better understand context, validate findings and drive higher enjoyment levels from respondents.

SSI uses its own proprietary technology and tools to test surveys on behalf of clients to help improve survey quality and respondent experience.  SSI QuestTest™ is an automated tool that tests for errors, abnormalities and mobile-friendliness in surveys. It provides an estimate of survey length and detailed reports on where the survey failed. It tests across multiple devices and screen sizes, and as a predictive tool, can help determine respondent engagement and satisfaction.

“SSI’s mobile solution can be used in various ways to understand customer loyalty, monitor purchase behavior, identify buying patterns, mystery shop, audit retail stores or product placement, capture fan experiences at sporting events, track patient satisfaction, monitor travelers at airports or do exit polling at movie theatres or voting locations,” said Chris Clarke, SSI’s Chief Marketing Officer. “The mobile panel we’ve built for Proximity Sample gives market researchers access to opinions they need from young, higher income, technology-savvy consumers, as well as people on-the-go.”

Mobile technology lets researchers and brands understand the consumer at the point of experience. The ability for researchers to interact with consumers at these moments provides deeper insights into the why of a given behavior. Mobile opens up new possibilities for how the industry conducts research and understands people.

SSI is the Platinum Conference Sponsor at the MRMW. MRMW is the only global conference series focused on mobile, innovation and high-tech market research. More than 30 seminars, real-life case studies and panel discussions from mobile research innovators will explore the latest tools, technologies and methodologies in market research.

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