SSI QUEST Award Winners Announced at ESOMAR Congress

- KnowMedia and Duff & Phelps Win Best Overall Awards for Survey Excellence -

NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 20, 2016 – KnowMedia and Duff & Phelps won Best Overall SSI QUEST Awards for survey excellence at ESOMAR’s 69th international annual Congress held here today.  SSI has separated its QUEST Awards into two categories this year: QUEST-X Awards, based on panelist experience with surveys, and QUEST-T Awards, based on survey structure, formatting and multi-device usability.

KnowMedia won the Best Overall Award in the QUEST-X category that factors in CSAT scores, completion rates and median times to complete surveys.  Taken together, these elements are weighted to derive a score indexed to 100.  Duff & Phelps won the Best Overall Award in the QUEST-T category that uses QuestTest™, a SSI tool used to determine survey length, grid question content, complexity, loading times and off-screen elements. 

“This year we wanted to look at scoring surveys in two ways:  First, scoring surveys before they are seen by panelists and secondly, after they are completed by getting panelist feedback,” said Chris Fanning, SSI president and CEO.  “The mix of measuring surveys before and after their launch ensures that our clients are getting the best possible data from our panelists.  While average scores are in the 80s, the winners all excel by having scores above 91 points across both Quest-T and Quest-X.” 

SSI uses its own proprietary technology and tools to test surveys on behalf of clients to help improve survey quality and participant experience.  QuestTest is an automated tool that tests for survey quality and mobile friendliness and also detects errors and programming issues.  The QuestTest tool provides an estimate of survey length and generates detailed reports as to where the survey may have failed.  It tests across multiple devices and screen sizes, and as a predictive tool, will help determine participant engagement and satisfaction.  Since its introduction in June 2014, the SSI QuestTest tool has impacted millions of survey completes. 

“Better surveys equate to happier, more engaged participants,” explained Fanning.  “And happier participants generate better quality data.  With panels in more than 90 countries and 32 million completed surveys annually, SSI is constantly working to keep respondents extremely happy with their survey experience.”



QUEST-X Winner


QUEST-T Winner


General Consumer – Americas

RTI International


Duff & Phelps


General Consumer – Europe



DJS Research Ltd.


General Consumer – APAC



Ernst & Young LLP



CyberEdge Group


Penn Schoen Berland



Nielsen Colombia


YouGov America - CT


Best Overall



Duff & Phelps



* The ESOMAR 25 are the largest global market research firms as defined by ESOMAR.

As an industry leader and innovator on survey design and respondent experience, SSI introduced the QUEST (QUestionnaire Experience Satisfaction Tool) Awards in 2010 to support the industry’s continuing quest to improve participants’ survey experience and encourage creativity in developing surveys that delight.  Self-reported satisfaction scores from participants are key factors in determining winning projects.  Winners are also judged on drop rates and actual times to complete questionnaires.


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