Market Research Webinars

SSI’s global employees have accumulated vast amounts of market research knowledge across numerous specialties. They contribute frequently to our webinar series as a means to educate and inform our clients and the industry.

Date Title
02/27/2018 What You Need to Know About Technology Impacting Jobs and Reshaping Market Research
12/14/2017 NPS® is Your Secret Weapon to Better Understand Your Customers, Competitors & Brand
11/09/2017 3 Business Questions Answered in 48 Hours Using DIY Research Tools
07/13/2017 Tips and Tools to Make your Tracker Earn its Keep
06/21/2017 Gamification: The Challenge of Rules
06/15/2017 Data Concerns: How to Improve Quality
04/13/2017 Impressions that Impact: How Real People Follow the Digital Journey
02/23/2017 Leverage the Power of Mobile to Understand the Customer Journey
01/26/2017 Market Research Legal Issues to Consider in 2017
12/07/2016 Do looks matter when it comes to your data? How data visualization techniques can work for you.
11/09/2016 German Webinar: How to Build a Successful B2B Research Strategy
08/11/2016 How Allure Used Geo-fencing to Measure Purchase Behavior
06/30/2016 Best Practices for Conducting International Research
05/10/2016 How to Build a Successful B2B Research Strategy
04/20/2016 Opening up the Open Question: how to get more from your open questions
03/31/2016 Tale of Two Questionnaires: Good People Thwarted by Bad Questionnaire Design
02/09/2016 Data Quality – Traps, Tricks and Checks
11/19/2015 Putting Trackers on the Right Track
10/15/2015 Understanding Today’s Global Digital Citizen
09/17/2015 The Impact Of Legal On Online Market Research
06/24/2015 The Future of Mobile Data Collection
05/28/2015 Questionnaire Length and Fatigue Effects: What 10 Years Have Taught Us
03/31/2015 Using Mobile to Capture In-the-Moment Insights
02/18/2015 40 Minutes of Questions, 20 Minutes of Attention
01/28/2015 Getting the Truth from B2B Participants
11/20/2014 Putting B2B Research to the Legal Test
11/06/2014 Understanding Today's Hispanic Consumer
06/26/2014 Why you need to make your surveys mobile friendly NOW – A European Perspective
05/15/2014 Why you need to make your surveys mobile friendly NOW
04/03/2014 Did You Pack Your Own Bags? B2B Panel Data Quality
02/27/2014 The True Meaning of Representivity
01/30/2014 Should they stay or should they go? An evaluation of “in survey” data quality measurements
12/03/2013 To Catch a Thief: Fighting Respondent Fraud
11/14/2013 China: Data Quality Issues? Or Simply Lost in Translation?
05/30/2013 Privacy in the Digital Age: Considerations for market research online and via mobile applications

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