B2B Online Panel

  • Fast-Growing
  • Global
  • Access Hard-to-Reach Business Professionals

Conducting B2B market research can be challenging, requiring access to respondents who provide insights into often complex products and service offerings in the different roles and business sectors in which they operate. SSI’s online business-to-business panel is fast becoming the preferred choice for reaching a global business audience.

Our online B2B panel is among the fastest growing in the world, providing access to B2B opinion makers globally. It uniquely offers:


  • Respondents recruited from a wide range of blue-chip sources including loyalty programs, alumni and professional associations.
  • Access to specifically defined market segments, from small business owners to business executives.
  • Research across a variety of industries including: Information Technology, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Professional Services and Financial Services.
  • Incentives that match their business professional roles and existing loyalty programs.

Only SSI offers a truly multi-mode approach to completing research studies with ease, no matter the size or scope. Through our fast growing online B2B panel, and our B2B offline capabilities, SSI ensures we are engaging B2B decision-makers.