Consumer Online Panel

  • Broad, Global Access
  • Most Trusted Online Sample Source

With so many online panels out there, how do you know which one to choose?

SSI has more than 17+ million qualified market research participants in over 90+ countries, among the largest consumer panels in the industry. Over time, we have collected more than 4 billion data points on our panel respondents, and we continually profile them in real-time to target any audience our clients need including:

  • Mothers of babies/young childrenSSI Global Panel Book
  • Automobile owners by specific make/model
  • Retirees and students
  • Owners of specific technology types and brands
  • Respondents with unique purchase habits and behaviors
  • Health and patient panels
  • Travel and hotel loyalty club members
  • Pet owners by type
  • Targeted lifestyles and hobbies
  • Media consumers of films, TV and games
  • Fashion, food/beverage and brand loyalists

We follow a different path to building and maintaining our online panel in the following ways:

  • Recruited via verified, certified sources and methods to create a vast pool of potential research respondents for our clients.
  • Respondents are incented in many ways, depending on the amount of effort required, the population, and appropriate regional customs resulting in higher panel respondent satisfaction.

SSI online panel members pass through multiple levels of authentication to ensure we are getting to genuinely interested panelists who will provide valuable data for insights. Those measures include:

  • Digital fingerprinting
  • Source verification
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Third-party verification
  • Geo-IP control
  • Time stamps
  • Questionnaire quality controls
  • Reward claim authentication

SSI’s advances in recruitment, respondent experience and fraud prevention have put us ahead of the curve in the market research industry. That’s why we are the trusted online sample source for more than 3,500 clients worldwide.