Consumer Telephone Sample

  • Speed Field Times
  • Control Consumer Research Costs
  • Nearly Four Decades of Experience

Achieving a representative consumer sample on time and on budget often requires more than online can offer. SSI helps speed field times and control consumer research costs with offline consumer telephone sample. We offer a wide range of options, including our SSI-SNAP™ DIY sample product or proven telephone methodologies that SSI has employed for decades.

  • SSI-SNAP™ offers DIY convenience and savings with an online sampling tool that lets you create a custom phone sample on your PC and have it delivered in minutes.
  • Address-Based Sample (ABS) with more geographic precision to cover nearly all US households.
  • Random Digit Dial Sample (RDD) landline and wireless telephone samples used in conjunction to create one of the most projectable and methodologically sound sampling frames possible.
  • Listed Landline Sample for precise geographic and demographic targeting with high working phone rates.
  • Wireless LITe accesses millions of wireless telephone numbers with a verified name and address and some demographic targets available.
  • SSI LITe offers low incidence targeting of US consumers by lifestyle, interest, ailment and activity.

The SSI team will put together the right combination of consumer sampling methods to make your next research project feasible.