Mobile Market Research

  • Better Representivity
  • Emerging Digitial Citizen
  • Same Quality Control as Online

Without mobile, your sample's not complete. As more and more people make the move to mobile, your projects and trackers are at risk of becoming less representative. Make sure all of your research target audience requirements are covered with SSI QuickThoughts® mobile sample.

Our fast-growing, global QuickThoughts panel of respondents specifically recruited for mobile research, helps put you in touch with the opinions you need from:

  • Young, higher income people
  • Global digital citizens
  • People on-the-go
  • Diverse consumers with ethnicities like Hispanics well represented

Unlike other mobile sample providers, our panel is fully integrated. That means mobile respondents are blended and quality-controlled using the same techniques and technology as the rest of SSI sample so you can be assured of the same award-winning quality.