Book Review: A Novice Critique on a “Big” subject: Big Data, Little Data, No Data

By Kristin Cavallaro, Knowledge and Data Analysis Specialist

Data is everywhere. It is capturing what we eat, where we go, where we’ve been and what websites we search. It may also capture how we drive, how we shop, and how often we adjust the heat in our homes.  Practically everything we do is stored in a database somewhere in the form of unstructured… Continue reading

Around the Web: Three Steps to Effective Data Collection

By the Editors

Today, everyone in business and B2B research wants to harness data and make it work for them—but how? There’s so much data, and so many tools available for gathering and analyzing it. Where should marketers—and market researchers—begin? Martech Today’s columnist Jose Cebrian says great marketing needs to start with the right foundation: a focus on… Continue reading

Back To Basics Monday: Choosing the Best Data Collection Method

By Nicole Mitchell, Knowledge Specialist

When choosing the best data collection method for survey research, researchers should weigh the following theoretical and practical consideration: coverage, cost, field time, accuracy of the data, subject matter of the study, and length of survey.   Coverage refers to how representative your sample will be of the population under study.  As sample theory has… Continue reading

Around the Web: Four Tips for Recruiting Hard-to-Find Survey Respondents for B2B MRX

By the Editors

How can business-to-buisness (B2B) researchers recruit panelists and survey respondents for hard-to-reach audiences—for example, in manufacturing or in fields where respondents are literally difficult to reach due to travel or accessibility issues? “I have found industry trade shows and conferences to be the most effective way to access hard-to-reach audiences. Research domestic and international conferences… Continue reading

How Should we Engage with Norwegian Participants?

By Anders Aarstad, Vice President, ASE

Managing European online consumer panels for more than ten years has been an interesting journey with plenty of ups and downs. One of the more challenging tasks has been to establish a strong consumer panel in Norway, which has proven to be harder than in any other corner of the world.  Half-jokingly, we have said… Continue reading

How to Bring Dead Data to Life: Behavioral Insights and Lost Opportunity

By Jackie Lorch, VP Global Knowledge Management

Companies that leverage customer behavioral insights out-perform their peers by 85% in sales growth and over 25% in gross margin, reports McKinsey, quoting a Gallup report. Yet most companies aren’t using the data they already have. The reasons have been well-documented: data is disorganized, incomplete, outdated and often housed in separate databases with different underlying… Continue reading

SSI’s 40th Anniversary Throwback Thursday: “I Don’t Buy It” Ad Series Part III

By the Editors

In honor of SSI’s 40th Anniversary, the “Throwback Thursday” series continues with more analysis of our 1988 “I DON’T BUY IT” ad campaign. The ads featured a series of individuals who were improperly targeted as a part of study that “someone else” fielded. We will continue to post these older ads throughout the year both… Continue reading