Around the Web: Pairing Net Promoter Feedback with Social Media Insights

By the Editors

On March 1st, published a “Bain Insights” blog post by Laura Beaudin, a partner with Bain & Company’s Customer Strategy & Marketing practice and Joshua Rossman, an advisor who helps organizations with customer loyalty strategies. The authors pose a suggestion to companies who use Net Promoter systems: to combine “after-the-fact” NPS feedback with “of-the-moment”… Continue reading

Are you Coming in Today? What Americans Think about being “OOO”

By Pete Cape, Director, Global Knowledge

So often when we see data-driven stories online, they’re about consumers. That’s great, that’s interesting, but what about the workers? What about us? I thought I’d share a piece of work we did and shared with our business-to-business (B2B) panelists about not being in the office. We all get stressed at work from time to… Continue reading

IoT: Implications for Market Research

By Jackie Lorch, VP Global Knowledge Management

“Imagine living in a city where: Smart meters monitor and optimise energy consumption Municipal waste bins know when they’re getting full so refuse collectors can optimise their routes and drive fewer miles, saving money and reducing traffic and pollution Sensors embedded in roads guide drivers to empty parking spaces LED street lights automatically dim themselves… Continue reading

Location, Location, Location: Privacy and Mobile Surveys

By Nicole Mitchell, Knowledge Specialist

As we delve into the world of big data, we always have to be cautious of privacy concerns.  But is there a point where people let down their guard and are more likely to share data that they would not normally share.  In a multi-country study conducted by SSI, we asked participants with smartphones to… Continue reading

Featured Presentation: The Future of MR – Connecting with Gen Z

By Keith Phillips, Sr. Methodologist & Nicole Mitchell, Knowledge Specialist

We live in a world where smart devices are making entirely new data sets available to market researchers — data that finally builds the bridge between a consumer’s online and offline behavior. The availability of this new data is most evident among the youngest generation, Generation Z. The next wave of savvy market researchers will… Continue reading

Around the Web: What a Recent LinkedIn Survey Revealed about B2B Purchasing Decisions

By the Editors

On February 21, Forbes published “How B2B Buying Decisions Really Get Made in the Digital Age,” by author, keynote speaker, and marketing expert Shama Hyder. In the article, Hyder talks about a trend she saw emerge over the past year. At the business-to-business enterprise sales level, people outside the CIO or IT departments had begun… Continue reading

2017 Anniversary Kickoff: 40 Years of Innovation at SSI

By Andy Jolls, Chief Marketing Officer

This year we mark 40 years of innovation, customer focus and global leadership at SSI. Our renewed concentration on these tenets in 2017 will drive our decision-making across the organization. Sometimes it helps to take a look back in order to plan for the future. What have we learned over four decades of leadership in… Continue reading