A Recap of Ian Lewis’ “The Winds of Change” Presentation at CRC

By Jackie Lorch, VP, Global Knowledge Management

This morning, at the Corporate Researchers Conference in Chicago, Ian Lewis of Cambiar presented on the winds of changing sweeping our industry. He challenged the industry to think about how to react to these 6 winds of change:

  • Delivering More With Less
  • Do-It-Yourself
  • New Modalities
  • The River
  • The New Global Middle Class
  • New Talent for a New Age

In addition, a number of wow statistics were shared in Lewis’ presentation.

Seven times as many people watched the 2011 cricket final between India and Sri Lanka than watched the 2011 Superbowl
By 2030 93% of the world’s middle class will be living in what we now call “emerging markets.”

He also asked where’s growth going to come from for US companies? Answer: not here in the US.

Where can we drive business impact? In the “fuzzy front end,” i.e. consulting, insights, data synthesis, not with traditional trackers that show minimal movement month to month…

What are the skills needed for researchers of the future? Storytelling, synthesizing, understanding of the finances that drive businesses; polymaths and renaissance people.

How are you preparing your staff to be these researchers? What do you think are the characteristics of the researchers of the future?