Around the Web: Facebook Shares New MR Data from a Mobile User Study About Milestones

By the Editors

“If it’s not on Facebook, did it really happen?” Many people say this in jest, but according to consumer insights researchers at Facebook, today’s mobile users do indeed take to their social accounts every three to five seconds to share a life moment. Many of these postings commemorate important milestone events like engagements, weddings, births, and moves to new homes.

On June 13th, 2017 at the IIEX North America conference, Greta Baisch and Yini Guo of Facebook presented their findings from surveys they conducted with up to 6,000 Facebook users in five countries, all of whom shared Life Event updates in the past. Attendee Jeffrey Henning published a recap of some of their findings on the Market Research Institute International blog.

“Facebook and Instagram are an increasingly essential part of the moments that matter to people. . . People’s purchase behavior changes around these special moments. . . Marketers can reach the people who matter to their business during these moments as the moments are lived out on mobile and digital channels.”  — Jeffrey Henning, president, Researchscape International

Henning’s key takeaways from their presentation include the following:

  • Wedding bells are pinging. Fifty-percent of newly engaged people posted their happy news on Facebook within 48 hours. Fifty-eight percent of newly betrothed respondents perused other users’ wedding photos to get inspiration for planning their own celebrations. Retail purchases tend to begin almost immediately, but spending increases the most in the three months prior to the wedding.
  • Mobile birthday wishes keep people busy all year. More than any other life event, birthday messages engaged survey respondents consistently over time. People appreciated giving and receiving digital birthday wishes, and “Facebook posts are more valued than some other ways of celebrating a birthday, such as cards in the mail and receiving a text message,” according to Henning. Facebook’s researchers found that respondents were 1.8 times as likely to celebrate milestone birthdays over multiple days.
  • Moving keeps people glued to their mobile phones. Respondents who moved house relied on Facebook to help them stay in touch with friends and family. According to Henning’s notes, “Seventy-four percent of surveyed movers say their mobile phone was the only way to stay connected and reach them while moving; eighty-two percent valued staying connected with Facebook during the move.”

Henning concluded that Facebook’s mobile survey research is useful to MRX and marketers because it “helps demonstrate where, when and how decisions are made through these moments.”

Click here to view Henning’s post, which includes additional insights drawn from the survey.