Around the Web: How Much Do you Really Know About Mobile Marketing?

By the Editors

Recently, shared a useful infographic on their blog: “104 Facts You Don’t Know About Mobile Marketing.” The authors describe it as a compilation of “interesting facts that you don’t know about mobile marketing, including desktop vs. mobile comparisons, niches that work best, great mobile marketing techniques, but also usage, user friendliness, adoption, commerce, search and conversion stats.”

The graphic starts with a timeline beginning with the first SMS mobile ad (sent in 2000) and continuing to 2016, when mobile made up thirty-four percent of all global e-commerce transactions—a figure expected to double in 2017.

“70% of searches on a mobile device are followed up with an action within one hour.”  —

The list includes mobile use data and demographic data in numerous categories:

  • Time Spent by Platform. Desktop vs. mobile, what types of activities do users and participate in online? Top mobile uses include maps, photos, online gaming, and social networking. Personal use and retail (online shopping) have made some of the biggest leaps from desktop to mobile in recent years.
  • Mobile Websites vs. Apps. Which of these do people prefer? Apps, apparently. Eighty-five percent of respondents feel more comfortable using dedicated apps than the mobile versions of websites; users spend 18 times more time in apps than on mobile sites. Recognizing this preference, eight-three percent of B2B marketers believe mobile apps are important for content marketing.
  • Mobile Shopper Behavior. Google data shows that eighty-two percent of smartphone users rely on their devices to help them research and make product decisions. Men are more likely to use their phones to make purchases and use coupons, while fifty-nine percent of women report ignoring mobile text ads (vs. fifty-two percent of men). Moms, however, are quite interested in mobile coupons.

Other areas explored in the infographic include Desktop vs. Mobile (advertising figures like conversion, revenue, CTR, CPM, and ad spends); Mobile Site Adoption by Industry (travel and hospitality ranks high on this list); Commerce; Advertising; Email; Search; Loyalty Programs and Rewards; and Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

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