Around the Web: How to Re-purpose and Repackage MR Insights from B2B Survey Data

By the Editors

When you design B2B surveys, are you thinking about the many different ways your data could be used later to support your clients’ marketing goals? Alicia Esposito, a content strategist at G3 Communications, recently used LinkedIn to share her ideas about how brands can extend the life of their B2B survey data. Esposito suggests re-purposing data into engaging, multi-touch campaign content that meets buyers’ demands for research-driven intelligence about their products or services.

“Holding a webinar is a great way to generate additional leads and get more marketing impact from your survey. But don’t just regurgitate the data and takeaways from your survey; dive deep into the survey’s goals, your process and the takeaways you believe are most fascinating. Onboard one or two team members who had a hand in designing and analyzing the survey so you can have a lively conversation.”  — Alicia Esposito, content strategist, G3 Communications

Esposito suggests five quick ways that brands can get extra mileage out of market research survey data and B2B insights:

  1. Press releases. Rather than simply recapping survey results, Esposito suggests putting a media-friendly spin on insights: “As you mine survey data, look for results that challenge current trends, highlight new pain points or are may be the opposite of what you expected. Media outlets are attracted to things that are timely and present some sort of conflict.”
  2. Visual presentations of MRX survey data stand out on social media and are easy for people to forward and share. Avoid the temptation to overload your infographic with too much information, Esposito says; she suggests focusing on a central story or theme.
  3. Topical assets. Survey data reports created for B2B clients often touch upon multiple areas—in the case of retail, for example, a report may include data about social media, mobile, and sales in brick-and-mortar stores. Data from these subtopics can be aggregated and repackaged into what Esposito calls “shorter derivative assets” like mini eBooks or checklists.
  4. Presentations are useful for generating leads and showcasing expertise. Inviting MRX survey designers to participate can create a lively, deep-dive conversation—about the data, but also about the research process and methodology.
  5. Social images. Images continue to be the most popular, engaging form of content on social media. Esposito suggests that B2B marketers use survey data to “extract five or more data points that you believe are most captivating and create images for all social networks you frequent.”

Esposito wraps up her article with a summary paragraph suggesting several other creative ways to reuse data and integrate it into campaigns.

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