How Should we Engage with Norwegian Participants?

By Anders Aarstad, Vice President, ASE

Managing European online consumer panels for more than ten years has been an interesting journey with plenty of ups and downs. One of the more challenging tasks has been to establish a strong consumer panel in Norway, which has proven to be harder than in any other corner of the world.  Half-jokingly, we have said internally that they day we are able to master the art of building a panel in Norway, we can do it anywhere.

One of the ways that we engage with our Norwegian members is to share survey results with the respondents around hot topics. We were very excited to have recently completed a survey around Nasjonaldagen (Norway’s National Day) on the 17th of May, which is a huge thing in Norway commemorating the signing of the constitution at Eidsvoll. People are very enthusiastic about the holiday, and being Norwegian myself I was of course very keen to run through the results.

The survey was active for only four days, during which time we got more than 1,000 national representative completes through our online panel Meningstorget. Clearly this is an interesting subject that is generating lots of interest with a fantastic response from our members.

From the results, it is clear that the National Day is very important for Norwegians with 80% stating that it impacts their national feeling in a positive way. Interestingly, young people seem to be very engaged in the celebrations with more than 30 percent of 18-34 year-olds answering that they are going to wear a national costume versus just fifteen percent of 35-65 year-olds. Upon taking a closer look at the data, interestingly enough we found that a lot of younger men are planning to wear a national costume, contributing to many of the differences between the age groups. Looking at the total population, still three times more women than men will wear their “bunad” (traditional attire) on the 17th of May.

In addition to being the National Day, the 17th of May is usually a celebration of spring with many Norwegians eating their first ice cream (unless it snows, which infrequently happens). As many as 80 percent are planning to eat ice cream, and 25 percent of all men are planning to eat more than two servings of ice cream! Let’s hope it will be a sunny day…

Norwegians also take their preparations very seriously. More than 30 percent of all men are planning to go to the hairdresser, while more than 30 percent of all women are planning to iron their Norwegian flag(s) in advance of the day. 38 percent of all men are also planning to wash the car while 17 percent of women are planning to buy new clothes for the big day.

These are just a few of the results gathered that will be shared with our members. For anyone with a professional interest at looking at the data more closely, make sure to reach out and we will be happy to share the dataset through our online data reporting tool DataView.

All-in-all really, it was really nice to see lots of engagement around the National Day, making it a great survey topic to share with our online respondent community.

For all you Norwegians out there, Gratulerer med dagen!

Check out our infographic commemorating the day, here.