MRX Profile: Q&A Session with SSI’s Michel Guidi

By the Editors

Michel is Chief Customer Officer at SSI, working with SSI’s global business teams to provide the best experience to SSI’s Customers and help them grow and be successful.

Before taking on that role in January of 2017, he has been in charge of SSI’s fast and steady growth in Europe for over 11 years, creating 11 SSI offices in nine countries across the continent. During that time, on top of his Managing Director role in Europe, he also spent one year developing SSI’s APAC business, and two and a half years leading SSI’s Professional Services organization.

Q (The Editors): What is best thing about being the CCO at SSI?

A (Michel Guidi): Waking up every day knowing I am going to work with so many smart, talented, great people across the world – customers and colleagues. And knowing that for every question, every opportunity or challenge we may run into, we collectively have the answer.

Q: What positive changes have you seen over the years in the industry?

A: I started working in the industry over 17 years ago, and I have seen our industry become “younger” and more innovative over time.

Q: What is the single greatest challenge facing the market research industry today?

A: For market research overall, I would say finding its place in the Boardroom and becoming a critical component of every company’s strategic decision-making. Which means, reinventing itself in some ways, with a lot more insights creation, technology innovation, storytelling, and consultative power. To do all that, the MR industry will need to work as a network, leveraging the best resources for all pieces of the value chain, as no one player will be able to excel alone in all of the above.

Q: What do you like to do when you’re off the clock?

A: I am the very happy and proud dad of three young children, which keeps my wife and I busy off the clock… besides that, I enjoy practicing Aikido, playing volleyball, hiking in the mountains, and discussing world politics with friends.

Q: What role would you play in a group of 20 people in a post-apocalyptic scenario?

A: My Myers-Briggs profile says I would be « field commander », which I know sounds very uncool. I would try and help rebuild what can be, helping the team work well together.

Q: How do you think market research will evolve over the next 40 years?

A: 40 years is a very long time, at the pace technology is changing the world. AI and computing power will have revolutionized everything surrounding data, which will be everywhere. In that ocean of data, MR will have a role to play to understand “the why” behind the data, and to work with creative forces to innovate, generate ideas, products and services things that are truly new.

Fun facts about Michel:

  • No, I do not have a tattoo
  • I have three first names: Michel, Robert, Prosper. Yeah.
  • To practice Aikido, I wear a robe called Hakama. It has nothing to do with a Scottish Kilt though.

Prior to joining SSI, Guidi was Vice President of Operations at Ciao for over five years, based in Madrid – making him a 17-year online data collection veteran. Previously, he worked as a management consultant at A.T. Kearney, and a junior brand manager at L’Oréal.

Guidi earned a Master of Business Administration degree from ESSEC in Paris.