Generation Z: An Opportunity for Market Researchers

By Keith Phillips, Senior Methodologist

Recently my colleague Nicole Mitchell and I presented at the Quirk’s conference in Brooklyn, NY.  Our topic was The Future of Market Research – Connecting with Gen Z.  For this research, we interviewed approximately 1,993 people in the US (roughly 500 per generation were sampled). Below is a link to the full presentation on our… Continue reading

Around the Web: What Eye-catching Mobile Ad Effectiveness Techniques do Consumers Prefer?

By the Editors

On March 8th, published an infographic detailing the results of a neurometric study about mobile ads. The question posed by researchers was this: which format of mobile ad—small and embedded or large and interstitial—is more effective at grabbing a user’s visual attention, getting them to engage, and prompting them to take action? “Users’ focus… Continue reading

Customer Centricity and the Creepy Factor

By Jackie Lorch, VP Global Knowledge Management

“Netflix knows what its subscribers want to watch next, airlines know when their passengers arrive at the airport and Facebook knows, well, everything,” Says Robert Barba writing in American Banker. Wharton Business School Professor Peter Fader’s book Customer Centricity makes a good case for using this data to help companies evolve from being product-centric to… Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: SSI’s 1988 “I Don’t Buy It” Ad Series Part II

By the Editors

We continue our “Throwback Thursday” series with a discussion around SSI’s 1988 “I DON’T BUY IT” ad campaign in honor of our 40th anniversary. The ads featured a series of individuals who were improperly targeted as a part of study that “someone else” fielded. We will be posting them throughout the year both to give… Continue reading

Around the Web: Facebook Commits to More Accurate Digital Ad Effectiveness Measurement

By the Editors

On March 15th, Marketing Week published a breaking news story about Facebook’s digital advertising practices. In the face of growing industry backlash against the social network’s ad measurement errors—and concerns about its ad effectiveness—Facebook’s EMEA Vice President Nicola Mendelsohn stressed that the company remains committed to transparency and openness. “Openness is not something we switch… Continue reading

“I Haven’t Seen It.” Are you Accounting for Exposure when Measuring Ad Effectiveness?

By Keith Phillips, Senior Methodologist

What if I told you that someone was shown your online ad, but they didn’t see it.  Maybe they were distracted, not interested or visited the website with a specific purpose in mind and completely avoided it. That’s believable. Now, what if I told you that someone else may have seen your ad, but they… Continue reading