Around the Web: Survey Respondent Experience = Customer Experience

By the Editors

Survey respondent experience is another aspect of customer experience—a touch point that can be improved for the customer, just like any other business-to-business (B2B) communication. In her recent guest post for the CallidusCloud Customer Experience Blog, CX consultant Annette Franz looks at how market researchers can design better surveys by thinking about the entire process… Continue reading

Five Surprising Things about the 2017 GRIT Report

By Jackie Lorch, Vice President, Global Knowledge Management

Reporting on data from 2,637 interviews by researchers across the globe, the 21st Greenbook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) report was published today. In the 80+ page report there’s a lot of food for thought about the state of research and where it may go next. Here are five findings from within this year’s report that… Continue reading

MRX Profile: Q&A Session with SSI’s Linda Piekarski

By the Editors

In honor of SSI’s 40th anniversary, we are sitting down with some of the organization’s standout employees to ask them a few questions about their years of experience in the MR industry. Vice President, Database & Research, Linda Piekarski has been with Survey Sampling International since 1980. She is involved in a variety of projects… Continue reading

Featured Researcher: Q&A Session with SSI’s Keith Phillips

By the Editors

In honor of SSI’s 40th anniversary, we are sitting down with members of our dedicated Knowledge Team to ask them a few questions about their years of experience in the MR industry.   Keith Phillips is the Senior Methodologist in SSI’s Knowledge department. His role includes conducting primary research projects, helping clients with the research… Continue reading

Around the Web: How Do Different Generations Engage with Social Media?

By the Editors

On May 12, Entrepreneur published an article by Lizz Kannenberg of Sprout Social, in which she discusses how brands can connect with different demographic age groups online. The key to reaching everyone, she says, is to pay attention to how these generations use the web and social media differently. She also points out that it’s a… Continue reading

Have you tried out the SSI B2B All-Access Omnibus?

By the Editors

As SSI celebrates its 40th anniversary in business this year, we want to make sure that we are providing our customers with the right intel and opportunities to make informed decisions around Business-to-Business (B2B) in 2017. There are many key features business-to-business (B2B) researchers need to consider when choosing a sample partner, from the contending… Continue reading

Why is it so Hard to Measure Educational Attainment?

By Pete Cape, Director, Global Knowledge

Level of education is a variable that correlates with so many things. It certainly drives income, which also drives purchasing power and often product choice. It informs on politics and on attitudes to society and social issues.It is also a key driver, along with age, for non-adoption of the internet. By any measure it’s probably… Continue reading