Does Virtual Reality Help Market Research or Vice Versa?

By Keith Phillips, Senior Methodologist

Does VR help MR, or is it the other way around? Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming more and more prevalent. We see it being sold in TV commercials and used on amusement park rides. If you are a “gamer,” perhaps you are already on board with the fun. Over the past few years, we have… Continue reading

40 Years of Innovation: Happy Birthday, SSI!

By the Editors

Happy Birthday, SSI! Today marks our 40th anniversary in business. Since the beginning of the year, we have been highlighting some of our accomplishments, stand-out employees, innovative technologies and quality product offerings. We are proud of all that’s transpired over the last 40 years, and are eager to share some of our history and high… Continue reading

ESOMAR CONGRESS 2017: Outtakes from Day Three

By Pete Cape, Global Knowledge Director

Breaking news: I’m sure you all saw SSI’s Jackie Lorch getting a ESSIE (that’s an ESOMAR award – my name for it – totally made up) at the party last night! Well SSI also received “Exhibitor of the Year.” If you put the two awards together, it spells ‘77’ which is kinda cool as that’s… Continue reading

ESOMAR CONGRESS 2017: Outtakes from Day Two

By Pete Cape, Global Knowledge Director

Today was a long day, but lots to savour. Below are my 3 things from the day, but I’ve got to be quick – there’s a 70th Anniversary party to go to for ESOMAR! Research as a force for good. Yes you heard right…it’s not all about optimizing dollar extraction for widget X’s brand extension!… Continue reading

ESOMAR CONGRESS: Impressions from Day One in Amsterdam

By Jackie Lorch, Vice President, Global Knowledge Management

On a typical rainy day in Amsterdam, over 1,100 researchers gathered in the old Amsterdam stock market, with its splendid redbrick and cast iron décor, to kick off ESOMAR’s 70th Anniversary Congress. Plenty of national pride was on show as Director General Finn Raben, in standout Dutch-orange blazer, began by declaring that everyone wants to… Continue reading

ESOMAR CONGRESS 2017: Outtakes from Day One

By Pete Cape, Global Knowledge Director

SSI Vlog: Live from Amsterdam, NL, SSI’s Jackie Lorch interviews “Dr.Pete” Cape about some of the presentations, insights and experiences that they are looking forward to at ESOMAR CONGRESS 2017. No one mentioned “listicles” at CONGRESS today, so let me be first. Three things to note from today: We are no longer at the crossroads. Normally,… Continue reading

Dealing with Sensitive Survey Topics

By Frank Markowitz, Academia, SSI

Academic and public opinion researchers often want to ask people about sensitive topics – even topics that involve illegal activity such as drug use or certain driving habits. There are very good reasons for doing this type of research, which helps to inform the public and policy makers. As a partner with public opinion researchers… Continue reading