Are People Seeing My Digital Ad? Three Ways to Effectively Measure your Marketing Efforts

By the Editors

Three little letters drive most marketers through daily routines and campaign creation: ROI. This simple acronym has the ability to haunt everyone from the novice coordinator to a seasoned VP. How do we prove our value? Is all of this hard work worthy of the final product?

Measuring return-on-investment and campaign effectiveness is sometimes rushed or not factored into the planning process. Mobile and web advertising now surpasses TV spend, yet 54% of all digital advertising is never seen! It is time to conduct the coveted post-mortem and honestly ask ourselves: “are people even seeing the digital ad that I spent so much time putting together?”

Here are some preventative measures you can take that will ultimately help you to gauge the effectiveness of your efforts:

  1. Prove that you are targeting the right audience for your content at the outset. Until recently, data around who, when and where your ads are being viewed has been limited. The people who are actually seeing your ad may not consist of your intended audience at all! Maybe you have some basic analytics around these factors, but not reliable information about who saw your ad and when. Today there are ways to communicate directly with the audience who viewed your ad, find out how long they looked at it, and ask them for their specific feedback.
  2. Is your online ad falling “below the fold?” Is your ad being displayed outside the viewable browser window? The term “below the fold” originates from printed newspapers and is used to describe a more desirable position for an ad because it is immediately seen by the reader. In the digital world, an “above the fold” has come to mean that an ad is within the initial viewable area of the web page without requiring scrolling. Consider a tool like SSI Campaign Optimizer that connects viewability information with rich audience data. You want to make sure that you are measuring your ad for viewability.
  3. You have a bead on your audience and who was exposed to your ad; now it’s time to gather feedback. We need research to make ads effective. Consider the overall reach and awareness of your brand when asking questions about your ad. Relying on recall long after someone has been exposed won’t do the trick. By using SSI’s Campaign Optimizer you know with certainty whether and when a specific ad was in view. Armed with this information you can create a sample of people you know have seen the ad and compare results to a sample of people who have not had the ad in view.

Are you ready for the next meeting about ad effectiveness with your team, boss or board? Make sure you are armed with the digital ad terms that every marketer should know. Click on the image below to download SSI’s Ad Effectiveness Glossary.