What We’re Reading This Week: Week of January 18, 2016

By the Editors

This week, we’re reading an article from W5 Insights on why infographics are important for marketing research, a Research Live piece on the best ads and their emotional responses and a post from Vision Critical focusing on the most important market research industry leaders you should follow in the New Year.

Why Infographics Are Essential to Marketing Research, W5 Insights

Plenty of market research is presented in long, wordy documents that don’t always include the most visually engaging content. However, as W5 Insights explains, including infographics is a great way to show plenty of data in an aesthetically pleasing and informational way. As of April 2015, Google reported over 60 million search results for the word “infographic.” So what makes a good infographic? Since only around 20 percent of text is actually remembered, using visual cues is incredibly valuable when relaying information to readers. Whether you’re creating a list, flowchart, comparison or just images, it’s important to utilize a good color palette, logical flow and clean legible text. That way, your readers can understand and digest all of the important information in an easy way.

Brands Draw On Emotions in Best Advertising, Research Live

Research Live takes a look at BrainJuicer’s FeelMore50 list of the best emotional ads of the year. Since the goal of these ads is to evoke emotion from their viewers, it’s important to understand just what emotions these companies are trying to bring forward from users. When happiness is the goal, for example, the ways the brands evoke that in their viewers differs—it’s entirely dependent on persona preferences. Some feature cute babies or animals, while others focus on love stories. A lot of the ads on the top of the list, though, focus on technology and emotion, combining the wow-factor with a sense of human emotion. Ultimately, these ads all rely on good storytelling to really capture the viewer’s sensibilities. Whether they focus on happiness, envy or melancholy, they undoubtedly have to appeal to people’s emotions in order to be successful.

10 (More) Smart Researchers You Should Follow, Vision Critical

As Ray Poynter explains in his Vision Critical post, today’s market research world moves at a very fast pace, so it’s important to keep up with the industry leaders to stay present. One such leader is Tomoko Yoshida, an important face in both the Asian and International markets with 25 years of market research experience. Another important researcher from Asia is Dangjaithawin (Orm) Anantachai, who is also a regional leader for market research. Pravin Shekar is an Indian researcher that focuses on conducting research when the conventional tools aren’t necessarily available. Kyle Nel is another name to remember, as the director of Lowe’s Home Innovation Labs is consistently at the forefront of retailing and marketing initiatives. For the full list, visit the Vision Critical blog.