What We’re Reading This Week: Week of January 4, 2016

By the Editors

This week, we’re reading an article about the future of mobile video from MediaPost, a post from Market Research’s blog about the horizon of new trends for the New Year and an article from Nielsen tackling how alcohol retailers and manufacturers can reach the Millennial generation.

The Big Picture In 2016 Will Really Be The Small Screen, MediaPost

Mobile video viewing is growing, and according to this MediaPost article, it will only continue to blossom in 2016. For advertisers and marketers, one of the biggest challenges of the new year will be to truly understand how mobile video operates. YouTube’s mobile viewership has doubled over the last year, as has their revenue and average time per mobile session. It’s no surprise to most that mobile viewing sessions are short (per Google, on average, sessions are about 1m 10s), and that means content creators are forced to work in a smaller, tighter window. The message is more important than ever, since users are more likely to use a device that’s more convenient, ignoring quality and viewing experience. As these trends continue, mobile viewing will continue to grow.

Predicted Market Research Trends for 2016, Market Research Blog

This article from the Market Research blog looked to industry executives and leaders for their expectations for the rest of the year. It seems that a large focus of 2016 will revolve around mobile, and as Cade Hildreth, president/CEO of Bioinformant.com, points out, “for the first time in history, the average daily time that people spend consuming digital content has now surpassed the average time spent watching TV.” Marketers now have the opportunity to use online digital tools to get information. Now more than ever, companies can conduct research and offer a product focused on the user by finding engagement and sentiment data. The key? Finding ways to “humanize big data,” as Chris Barnes, Senior Vice President of Client Strategy at actûrus says. Ultimately, that will help consumers and companies to connect through products and create growth through the new digital market.

They’re Thirsty for Deals, But Millennials Won’t Sacrifice Taste or Quality in Their Alcoholic Beverages, Nielsen

The Millennial generation is now starting to play a huge part as consumers—they now represent a whopping 24 percent of the US population. For alcohol manufacturers, retailers and restaurants, Millennials offer a brand new market to tackle. But it’s important to really understand a generation that has such a wide variety of interests, and one that spans so many different demographics. According to Nielsen, their media consumption habits are different than previous generations, since they spend less time watching TV. But it does present more opportunity to reach them, through smartphones, radio, internet and more. Accordingly, their spending preferences are also vastly different from previous generations. For companies, targeting Millennials before they make their purchases is the most important aspect of reaching them. Offering original, new, unique products will most likely put retailers and manufacturers ahead of their counterparts.