What We’re Reading This Week: Week of November 30, 2015

By the Editors

This week, we’re reading an article from Business2Community detailing the main reasons why mobile research is an extremely efficient, important data source, a Mobile Marketer post highlighting the role of mobile research when it comes to car-buying and an article from Pew Research Center about the trend of digital device users.

3 Reasons Why Mobile is the Best Form of Market Research, Business2Community

In today’s technological world, mobile users are gaining more influence every day. These days, more Americans “use mobile devices for web browsing than they do PCs.” As market researchers, though, that means there’s an entirely new group of users to understand and focus on. With this changing research environment, Business2Community says that mobile research is better than other forms of qualitative research. It’s easier (and more intimate) to track mobile users via GPS, app usage and general behavioral patterns based simply on what they use their phones for. Along with that, mobile data collection, such as short surveys, are far more efficient and likely to bring in results, since the response rate and involvement is higher. While mobile research is trending up, there are a few issues that will likely be worked out soon, such as poor connectivity, poor decision-making (i.e., not planning in advance as much) and survey applicability. However, it still seems that mobile research is making waves, and in the process, helping market researchers more effectively reach their users.

Mobile Plays Increasingly Important Role Across Five Crucial Car-buying Moments, Mobile Marketer

Car-buying has changed dramatically over the past decade. While shoppers these days only visit two dealerships when looking to buy, mobile image and video searches have gone up. According to Google’s research on the topic, almost 70 percent of purchasers were influenced by automobile review videos on YouTube, more than any other medium out there. Along with video, mobile researchers have also seen an increase in searches for images of specific auto brands. According to Chantal Tode, author at Mobile Marketer, the entire process of buying cars has seen a significant change thanks to mobile devices. Users are trying to track price deals, and searches from dealership locations (to search for other deals) has increased over 45 percent in the last year. Marketers should take notice, Tode writes. Mobile users want to see an interesting auto, but don’t want to feel that producers are “always trying to get them to buy something.” The goal should be about relationship-building, and not potential purchases.

Smartphone, Computer or Tablet? 36 Percent of Americans Own All Three, Pew Research Center

All researchers are aware of the digital world that continues to grow at a rapid pace. According to Pew Research Center, that trend is only expanding—even to the same users. They actually found that over 66 percent of Americans own at least two devices, and 36 percent own all three. Demographics play an important role in that, as people ages 30-49 are most likely to fit into the three-device category. So what does that mean for market researchers? The number of mobile users continue to increase, as does the number of people connected online. In 2012, only 15 percent of Americans owned a smartphone, computer and tablet, a number that has more than doubled in three years. Researchers should note the growth and continue to track whether this increase will continue to rise.