SSI’s 40th Anniversary Throwback Thursday: “I Don’t Buy It” Ad Series Part III

By the Editors

In honor of SSI’s 40th Anniversary, the “Throwback Thursday” series continues with more analysis of our 1988 “I DON’T BUY IT” ad campaign. The ads featured a series of individuals who were improperly targeted as a part of study that “someone else” fielded. We will continue to post these older ads throughout the year both to give you a chuckle and to remind you just how far we have come as a company and as an industry.

This particular ad juxtaposes a confused grandmother posing cautiously and conservatively near a motorcycle. Somehow, it doesn’t seem likely that asking her survey questions about her most recent experience travelling on Route 66 or visiting a local biker bar is the right approach.

Once again, the focus of this ad series was meant to highlight a concept that is still so integral to SSI’s business model: we ask the right people the right questions. It is such a fundamental aspect of sampling, and yet it can be the easiest thing to “get wrong.”

Before you roll out your product, you want to be absolutely certain that you are targeting the right customers and that your go-to-market plan has the data to back up your approach.

The copy reads: “We’re stubborn old coots where accuracy and consistency are concerned. And that means your get a sample that puts your research on a fast track to marketing success. You tell us who you’re looking for and where you’re looking for them. It’s that simple.”

What does data quality mean in 2017? It goes beyond having a massive database and sophisticated technology to fulfill your project requirements. It means that all of SSI’s products and resources are dedicated to providing researchers with the most reliable and efficient respondents available by employing a multi-mode approach.

Fielding a survey in an appropriate manner that will yield positive results has also changed since the 1980s. Today, we continue to rely on experts in the field who can guide you through proper questionnaire design, but now our focus is on gamification as a means of guiding respondents in such a way to ensure honest answers and meaningful data.

For more information  on how you can keep gamification in mind, check out our global knowledge director Pete Cape’s recent presentation entitled The Rules of the Game: A Cross Cultural Study of Gamification Techniques.”

Keeping in mind the many advancements in our industry, quality and consistency in MR are certainly timeless! Click here to find out how SSI delivers to 3,500 customers worldwide in 2017.