Throwback Thursday: SSI’s 1988 “I Don’t Buy It” Ad Series Part II

By the Editors

We continue our “Throwback Thursday” series with a discussion around SSI’s 1988 “I DON’T BUY IT” ad campaign in honor of our 40th anniversary. The ads featured a series of individuals who were improperly targeted as a part of study that “someone else” fielded. We will be posting them throughout the year both to give you a chuckle and to remind you just how far we have come as a company and as an industry.

The skepticism continues in this ad featuring an Eskimo who was asked to review his experience with a bikini bathing suit. The body copy reads, “A marketing plan is a wonderful thing. You wrap yourself up in a product and unravel its mysteries. You scrutinize the competition, analyze acceptance, carve a niche for it and ship it out with a price, a position, and in a beautiful box. Since you can support all your decisions with a fat research document, what could go wrong?”

Apparently quite a bit can go wrong. Skewed targeting, polling the wrong sample group, not surveying enough participants, or sampling people in the wrong geographic areas are just a few of the potential shortfalls marketers dealt with in 1988 and continue to struggle with today.

Some of the timeless factors that researchers look for in a partner are sample reliability, efficiency, predictability and control. Throughout our history, SSI has worked to improve our customer’s faith and trust in our sample quality. Just a few years after this ad ran, SSI introduced a screening product to increase phone sample efficiency in 1990. Today we have the quality and scale to secure that trust ongoing.

How can we assure quality and consistency? When either the sample or behavior and attitudes change, that is quickly reflected in the data. The only way for researchers to know whether changes are truly market shifts is by ensuring that their sample is consistent. Consistency is a primary component of high-quality sample. Researchers must be confident that changes seen in their research data over time represent real market changes, not changes caused by shifts in the sample.

The ad copy continues: “Take a hard, cold look at the one area of research that you can’t monitor…the sample you take on faith. That’s why the world’s most respected marketing organizations specify Survey Sampling.”

Keeping in mind the many advancements in our industry, quality and consistency in MR are certainly timeless! Click here to find out how SSI delivers to 3,500 customers worldwide in 2017.

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