Use CATI Interviewing to Reach Healthcare Audiences

By The Editors

As we all try to improve the reach and reliability of our medical sample, we are constantly looking for ways to build on what is currently available. As the migration to online data continues, it is important to understand that not all healthcare professionals are available online. Finding these HCPs who are not online and constantly providing responses to health studies is a key differentiator for market research companies as it allows them to deliver new perspectives to an ever crowded environment.

Healthcare CATI

CATI interviewing is one way that leading companies can augment and increase their current reach.

  • Not all healthcare decision makers, physicians or other healthcare professionals join online panels: The broadest universe of healthcare decision makers are available via CATI through samples derived from the AMA list and other professional organizations.
  • Because the CATI sampling frame is comprehensive, precision and accuracy are achievable: Using the AMA and other professional lists to reach new respondents also allows for consistent and verified sampling over time. Dialing protocols for CATI interviewing include callbacks and scheduled call times to increase response rates, which is especially important for the finite populations of hard to reach healthcare sample.
  • Telephone-verified healthcare B2B and health care provider respondents deliver higher quality data: You know who you are talking to, you know their role, you can confirm their level of responsibility in the decision making process and verify their contact information. They’re qualified and you’re sure of it.
  • Dedicated interviewing teams consist of educated, experienced professionals: CATI healthcare interviews are conducted by nurse practitioners who are able to accurately probe on questions allowing respondents to expand on their answer, leading to richer and more accurate data.

Used alongside or in support of online research methodologies, the use of CATI research for your projects will allow you to deliver broader, more accurate results to your clients. Finding varying voices and truly understanding their answers will set your research apart from your competitors in this ever more commodity based industry.