What is B2B Market Research?

By the Editors

B2B Market Research

What is B2B Market Research and How Can I Benefit?

When you offer a product or service primarily to other businesses, there’s simply no understating the importance of B2B market research. When you effectively collect data and feedback directly from business customers, you’re able to target your overall marketing strategy.

Why B2B Marketing is Different 

Business to business market research differs from traditional market research in a number of ways. For starters, when you’re part of a B2B market, you’re typically dealing with complex purchase decisions, an overall smaller customer base, and heavily technical products. As a result, your team faces greater challenges when it comes to obtaining valuable feedback and making sure you’re meeting or exceeding customer demands. This is where it becomes important to implement a B2B market research strategy that incorporates both qualitative and quantitative data techniques.

Benefits of B2B Market Research

Conducting effective business to business market research can help your brand both now and in the long-term. First and foremost, B2B market research allows you to get a better idea of what other businesses want in your products/services, so you can use that information to improve quality. Of course, B2B market research can be used to answer just about any question or challenge you may have with your brand, ultimately guiding you towards better operations.

B2B Market Research Techniques

When it comes to effective B2B market research strategies, typically the process begins with a question. For example, your question may be something along the lines of, “What can my company do to increase satisfaction levels with our clients?”

From there, it’s a matter of determining which tool will work best to measure responses and answer your question. One common tool used, for instance, is that of data collection services in the form of surveys. Conducting B2B interviews is another potentially effective way to collect information that can help answer your question, as are focus groups and even Webinars. Which method is best for you can vary based on the types of problems you need addressed and the industry in which you operate.

Ultimately, if you’re looking to improve your working relationships with other businesses and run a more successful company in the process, it’s in your best interest to develop and implement a sound business market research strategy. For professional assistance with your B2B market research, contact SSI today. More than 2,500 businesses already rely on our data intelligence to drive their growth, so why not see what we can do for you?