Mobile Market Research

Mobile is the hottest topic in market research today with SSI experts leading the way in this increasingly complex, yet fast-growing opportunity. Our mobile team is looking at mobile from every angle, to find the optimal uses for our research clients’ objectives.

Date Title Type
07/13/2017 Tips and Tools to Make your Tracker Earn its Keep Webinar
07/05/2017 Carousel Grids or Individual Questions POV
06/15/2017 Data Concerns: How to Improve Quality Webinar
05/09/2017 Using Mobile Friendly MaxDiff to Help Big Brothers Big Sisters Find Mentors Presentation
02/23/2017 Leverage the Power of Mobile to Understand the Customer Journey Webinar
09/09/2016 SSI Mobile Glossary Glossary
08/29/2016 What You Need to Know About Research with Wearables Article
08/11/2016 How Allure Used Geo-fencing to Measure Purchase Behavior Webinar
02/24/2016 How to Write A Winning Mobile Market Research Proposal Presentation
02/23/2016 Dynamic Geolocation-Enabled Mobile Diary Presentation
01/29/2016 Listen to SSI on Research Radio Article
01/15/2016 Online Conditioning Effects Article
01/15/2016 How digital devices are changing the path to purchase Article
12/07/2015 Engaging digital Boomers, Gen X and Millennials: Generational differences don't always match stereotypes Article
11/19/2015 Putting Trackers on the Right Track Webinar
11/03/2015 Convenience/Club store Mobile Study Success Story
10/15/2015 Understanding Today’s Global Digital Citizen Webinar
07/07/2015 Using Mobile to Capture In-the-Moment Insights White Paper
06/24/2015 The Future of Mobile Data Collection Webinar
03/31/2015 Using Mobile to Capture In-the-Moment Insights Webinar
11/04/2014 Smartphone Research Offers New Frontiers in Measurement Article
10/31/2014 Why You Should Make Your Trackers Mobile-Friendly Article
07/30/2014 Making your Surveys Mobile-Friendly Podcast
06/26/2014 Why you need to make your surveys mobile friendly NOW – A European Perspective Webinar
06/18/2014 The Changing Landscape of Technology and its Effect on Online Survey Data Collection White Paper
05/15/2014 Why you need to make your surveys mobile friendly NOW Webinar
04/17/2014 Top 10 Tips for Designing a Mobile-Friendly Questionnaire Article
08/27/2013 How to Make your Questionnaire Mobile Ready Article
05/30/2013 Privacy in the Digital Age: Considerations for market research online and via mobile applications Webinar

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