Survey Panels & Respondent Experience

Time and time again, our researchers have linked positive respondent experience to better quality data. We take great care to cultivate our now 17+ million panel participants to ensure they are properly incentivized, engaged in honest practices, and providing high quality data to our clients.

Date Title Type
02/09/2016 Data Quality – Traps, Tricks and Checks Webinar
02/01/2016 Best Practices for Managing Changing Brand Lists in Tracker Studies Article
01/29/2016 Listen to SSI on Research Radio Article
01/26/2016 Don’t Know Response Option Best Practices Article
01/20/2016 Strategies for maintaining long-term panel research data quality Article
01/13/2016 Online Voter Panel Article
01/01/2016 Avoiding Bias When Using Images in Surveys POV
01/01/2016 Conditioning Effects POV
01/01/2016 Accurate Answers to Sensitive Questions POV
01/01/2016 Valuing Participants POV
01/01/2016 Respondent Speeding POV
01/01/2016 Invitation Subject Line Wording POV
01/01/2016 Dealing with Professional Respondents POV
01/01/2016 Data Collection Mode Effects POV
01/01/2016 Contacting Participants POV
01/01/2016 Recruitment Best Practices POV
01/01/2016 Verification Online POV
10/15/2015 Understanding Today’s Global Digital Citizen Webinar
09/17/2015 The Impact Of Legal On Online Market Research Webinar
07/02/2015 Respondents Today, Tomorrow and in the Future White Paper
07/02/2015 The Effect of Survey Length of Data Quality: An Asia Pacific Perspective White Paper
05/28/2015 Questionnaire Length and Fatigue Effects: What 10 Years Have Taught Us Webinar
02/18/2015 40 Minutes of Questions, 20 Minutes of Attention Webinar
12/19/2014 A View on Technology and People Article
11/06/2014 Understanding Today's Hispanic Consumer Webinar
12/03/2013 To Catch a Thief: Fighting Respondent Fraud Webinar

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