Survey Panels & Respondent Experience

Time and time again, our researchers have linked positive respondent experience to better quality data. We take great care to cultivate our now 11.5 million panel participants to ensure they are properly incentivized, engaged in honest practices, and providing high quality data to our clients.

Date Title Type
02/09/2016 Data Quality – Traps, Tricks and Checks Webinar
02/01/2016 Best Practices for Managing Changing Brand Lists in Tracker Studies Article
01/29/2016 Listen to SSI on Research Radio Article
01/26/2016 Don’t Know Response Option Best Practices Article
01/20/2016 Strategies for maintaining long-term panel research data quality Article
01/13/2016 Online Voter Panel Article
01/01/2016 Avoiding Bias When Using Images in Surveys POV
01/01/2016 Conditioning Effects POV
01/01/2016 Accurate Answers to Sensitive Questions POV
01/01/2016 Valuing Participants POV
01/01/2016 Respondent Speeding POV
01/01/2016 Invitation Subject Line Wording POV
01/01/2016 Dealing with Professional Respondents POV
01/01/2016 Data Collection Mode Effects POV
01/01/2016 Contacting Participants POV
01/01/2016 Recruitment Best Practices POV
01/01/2016 Verification Online POV
10/15/2015 Understanding Today’s Global Digital Citizen Webinar
09/17/2015 The Impact Of Legal On Online Market Research Webinar
07/02/2015 Respondents Today, Tomorrow and in the Future White Paper
07/02/2015 The Effect of Survey Length of Data Quality: An Asia Pacific Perspective White Paper
05/28/2015 Questionnaire Length and Fatigue Effects: What 10 Years Have Taught Us Webinar
02/18/2015 40 Minutes of Questions, 20 Minutes of Attention Webinar
12/19/2014 A View on Technology and People Article
11/06/2014 Understanding Today's Hispanic Consumer Webinar
12/03/2013 To Catch a Thief: Fighting Respondent Fraud Webinar

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