Sampling & Market Research

SSI has its foundation in sampling – it’s where we began when landlines were still the method of choice. Since the advent of online sampling, we’ve lead our industry in defining how best to use this mode for attaining high quality research data and results.

Date Title Type
07/18/2018 Enhanced Voter Insight Through Data Integration Webinar
10/09/2017 Gamifying Spontaneous Awareness Article
09/21/2017 Reinvention Dominant Themes as Researchers Look Ahead Article
09/12/2017 John Wanamaker 50% of advertising is wasted Presentation
05/19/2017 Hitting Them Where They Live: Comparing List-Assisted RDD Cell Phone Sample to Rate Center Based RDD Cell Phone Sample Presentation
05/10/2017 Data Privacy: How Consumers’ Concerns Impact Their Behavior Presentation
09/02/2016 Mobile Research: The Key to the Boardroom for the MR Function? Article
02/01/2016 Best Practices for Managing Changing Brand Lists in Tracker Studies Article
01/20/2016 Strategies for maintaining long-term panel research data quality Article
01/15/2016 Online Conditioning Effects Article
01/07/2016 Today's Tracking Studies – New Techniques and Best Practices White Paper
01/01/2016 What is Nat Rep Sample POV
01/01/2016 Sample Consistency POV
01/01/2016 Quota on Starts POV
01/01/2016 Moving Projects from Offline to Online POV
01/01/2016 DIY Research POV
01/01/2016 Data Quality in Low Incidence Surveys POV
01/01/2016 Sample Size POV
01/01/2016 Routers POV
01/01/2016 Calculating Incidence POV
01/01/2016 Online Sample Quality POV
12/07/2015 GRIT Commentary: What Price Relevance? Research Transformation and How We Get From Here to There Article
11/29/2015 Legal Savvy for Today’s Researcher White Paper
11/19/2015 Harness the power of CATI in Today's Online World Article
08/03/2015 Conquering Uncertainty Moving from Offline to Online Methodology – An APAC Perspective Article
07/07/2015 Using Mobile to Capture In-the-Moment Insights White Paper
07/02/2015 The Effect of Survey Length of Data Quality: An Asia Pacific Perspective White Paper
04/01/2015 Satisficing and What It Can Do To Your Data – An APAC Perspective Article
02/02/2015 When Should We Use Online Research Instead of Offline Methodology – An APAC Perspective Article
11/04/2014 Smartphone Research Offers New Frontiers in Measurement Article
10/31/2014 Why You Should Make Your Trackers Mobile-Friendly Article
07/30/2014 Making your Surveys Mobile-Friendly Podcast
06/18/2014 The Changing Landscape of Technology and its Effect on Online Survey Data Collection White Paper
04/25/2014 Sample Blending: 1+1>2 White Paper
03/19/2014 How Technology Has Powered a Research Revolution Article
03/19/2014 SSI's David Zotter featured in Survey Magazine's Top Technology Leaders Article
11/25/2013 Tracker Studies: Consistency is Everything Podcast
08/31/2012 Choosing the Right Data Collection Mode Article

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