B2B Telephone Market Research

  • 200,000 B2B Interviews Annually
  • 300+ Dedicated B2B Stations
  • 40 C-level Interviewing Specialists


Every year, SSI conducts more B2B interviews than any other survey research company – that’s 200,000 interviews, 300+ dedicated B2B stations and 40 C-level interviewing specialists. SSI successfully completes more B2B interviews because we have:

  • Intense focus on effectively identifying, engaging and rewarding key business decision-makers
  • Process that starts with a thorough briefing on  study objectives and any technical background or jargon.
  • SSI CATI teams  selected and certified to meet exacting production and quality requirements specific to a client’s B2B research project.
  • B2B sample that is suitably representative and realistically attainable.
  • Secure, state-of-the-art facilities and client data procedures.

Operational excellence is the standard in each of our CATI call centers and we make great investments in our CATI B2B interviewing staff. Here are a few reasons why our CATI team is uniquely qualified for B2B interviewing:

  • On average 1.5 years of experience
  • 75% have a 4-year college degree
  • Daily training conducted by SSI coaches and mentors
  • Passed all background checks
  • Demonstrated written/spoken proficiency in reading, writing and interpersonal skills

All of this adds up to SSI as your clear, trusted partner for B2B CATI.

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