Online Surveys

  • Global B2B and B2C Data Collection
  • 97% Completes with Our Own Participants 
  • Superior Quality

Many online panel survey companies talk a good game but few offer the type of broad, global access and superior quality that SSI does.

With SSI online surveys, you can reach anyone who wants to share opinions, anywhere in the world, even those who would never join a traditional panel. You get the widest, most diverse access to consumer, B2B and targeted vertical markets around the globe. Powered by SSI high quality sampling methods, our online research solutions deliver the broadest reach, the most engaged respondents and the highest levels of data integrity.

Our online survey solution delivers any population segment you choose. SSI can reach your target respondents—even the smallest, hardest-to-reach audience quotas. SSI online panels are:

  • Global with 60 million people reached in 45+ countries
  • 97% completes with our own participants fully-profiled, re-contactable respondents to optimize data quality
  • Actively managed to improve respondent experience and engage panel members
  • Cited for the highest level of consistency and quality by independent, third-party auditors
  • Profiled, verified and authenticated to ensure reliability and consistency

SSI provides local, cultural expertise to help you design and field a successful research project. In fact, no online survey research company has a larger global footprint than SSI. That means you can rely on us run online research successfully in your local market as well as across multiple countries.

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